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Forward2me: Best Parcel Forwarding Service

What is forward2me?


You must have heard about parcel forwarding services that provide you with a UK address in order to purchase from stores in the UK. Although there are a plethora of options out there in the market, your choice needs to serve your purpose and you need to make a prudent judgment when it comes to selecting an ideal parcel forwarding service.

forward2me provides you a top-notch experience as they provide you with a free UK address and 30 days free storage. It is one of UK’s leading services assisting consumers and businesses from every corner of the world. It has an edge over its competitors due to various reasons as mentioned below. For instance, you’re not charged a monthly or annual fee for storage.

Your choices for international shipping are numerous. Shipping options include DHL, UPS, DPD, TNT where tracking could be availed, or you could even go for an untracked option for those less valuable items. There is no hitch in payment methods either. You could choose between PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bitcoin or Bank Transfer.

Note: Your payment options and courier alternatives are determined by the destination country and are fixed based on the payment gateway or the courier service.

How it works?

  1. Signing up: Before placing order for your desired goods, you need to sign up with forward2me service in order to obtain your own UK address for free. The steps to sign up for forward2me are quite simple. Once you create your own account, you will get your new UK address. Now, you’re ready to go!
  2. Ordering goods: Now you will be able to visit your favorite UK or EU stores such as Amazon, Argos, Ebay or Marks and Spencers to place orders for your favorite products using your forward2me address as the delivery location.
  3. Receiving your package: Once your parcel is received by forward2me, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Photo documentation, invoice scanning and emailing is also available if required.
  4. Individual items can also be consolidated into a single package if required in order to cut down on shipping costs using their Combine & Repack Service.

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  5. Shipment of your parcel: Now you can log in using your username and select your courier option and make the payment accordingly. If the payment is made before 11:00 am UK time on a work day, your shipment will likely occur on the same day.
  6. Arrival of your parcel: According to your selected courier service, your parcel maybe expected within around 1 to 4 working days from the date of dispatch from the warehouse depending on your local customs department. Customs duties are levied depending on the destination country after which you’ll have to sign for your goods on their arrival.

Some popular ‘Add on’ services by forward2me

  • Full cover insurance: Upon your request, forward2me offers you full cover insurance for the value of your goods.
  • Personal shopper/Concierge service: Certain UK retailers refuse to accept payment through credit cards for your international billing address. Under such circumstances, forward2me procures your goods through their personal shopping or concierge service.
  • Shipping of dangerous goods: Products like nail varnishes, batteries, perfumes, and aerosols are classed as Dangerous Goods. There is no other parcel forwarding service known to deal with dangerous goods with such care. Although extra courier charge is implied, this service is available to lots of countries. Perhaps check with Customer Services before you make your purchase.
  • Large item shipping: When it comes to unusually large or bulky items such as furniture, bikes, and large car parts forward2me has contracts with freight forwarders in order to make way for this exclusive service to be available to you. This reduces your shipping costs and proves to be quite economic regardless of whether it is office furniture to Malta or car wheels to Australia.
  • Shipping Returns (for Business): forward2me is well known for its return services, especially for Amazon. These additional services include all kinds of return scenario and provide the option to enable Customer or FBA stock returns.

Reasons why people use forward2me

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  • Quite often UK and European retailers such as Amazon and Ebay don’t offer international shipping. This is very restrictive and means that you can’t purchase the products that you want. The UK address that forward2me gives you, solves this problem.
  • When companies like Google, Apple or Adidas release new products, they aren’t always available in your country but generally are in the UK/Europe.
  • People like to be able to buy trusted brands and products such as HiPP Baby Milk, Samsung, Dyson, Clarks and many more which are available in the UK.
  • It gives you access to a range of products with better pricing e.g. Miele may manufacture a range of 10 washing machines but there may be only 3 available in your own country.
  • To be able to make purchases of typically British products from stores like Harrods, Amazon, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis and lots more.

Feedback and customer service

Forward2Me has created a great deal of impression on its customers as they have reviewed the service with 97% of positive feedback. Their ratings also tend to stand out, thereby creating a unique image for the service. The customer service team is active and responsive and help is provided until you receive your goods.

Summing up all the above points, forward2me helps you order goods that are not accessible by you in your home country and also gives you a broad range of options of grand quality to choose from. If you want to save a huge amount and make every penny you spend worth it, forward2me is the best choice.

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