PMP Certification Benefiting Professionals and Companies

PMP serves as an unbiased server of your Project Management skills and helps you in gaining a good name worldwide irrespective of your domain and geography. This gives you an upper hand over the uncertified professionals as it provides a global language that helps the project managers to communicate and manage projects with ease.

PMP Certification Benefiting Professionals and Companies

A responsible Project Manager takes the responsibility to complete the project in a prescribed time limit by organizing the man force provided to him in the most positive way and maintaining the budget of the organization at the same time. To meet up the challenges of the growing competition, cost pressure and the other stringent quality parameters, it has become a need for the Project Managers to Get PMP Certification.

Reasons to Get Certified

Not only the career, but PMP certification also improves your credibility and confidence at the same time. It is not the professional alone but the employers are equally benefited by the certified professional. Let us consider a few benefits to take up this certification from different perspectives:

For Project Managers

  • Credibility

Your resume is the reflection of your achievements and the experiences you have gained so far. Employers get to see your resume even before the chance of meeting you. And so to make your resume set apart from all others adding PMP certification to it can leave a positive professional.

With PMP certification in your resume, the employers can be sure of your skills, knowledge and the seriousness towards your career, other than this, cracking the certification exam is not an easy task and requires the complete working knowledge of PMBOK.

  • Raised Salary Potential

According to the ninth edition of PMI’s salary survey, it was observed that the PMP Certification provides a greater advantage when it comes to the salary quotient. It was stated that the increase in the salary is as much as 20 percent than the uncertified professional.

As the certification increases your credibility, so does, increases your project handling capabilities. This automatically brings you the higher earning potential and even the chances of advancement increase with the passing years.

  • Expands Job Opportunities

Due to the rapidly growing need of the project managers, a PMP certified professional can be sure of the job due to higher knowledge and management skills. Certification provides you with a competitive edge and obviously while hiring an employee, companies will look for the most reliable, credible, and skilled employee.

You, having attained the certification, make employers believe that you have the potential to handle tricky projects smoothly and conveniently.

  • Increased Networking

This certification and membership from PMI help you to interact with the managers across the globe and share your experiences. This also helps you to gain from the experiences of others and expand your network for better and promising results.

  • Mastery in Language

You must easily understand a vast and lengthy list of terms to be a successful project manager. Undoubtedly, on-job training will acquaint you with a few terms but not all. Moreover, unless you get professional certified you will not attain confidence in the implementation of the correct methodologies in a global environment.

  • Challenging Projects

If the projects you are handling are able to work in a smooth manner, you will love to be challenged. Project management is a promising kind of a job but not always. You might find yourself involved in the tricky task or you might have to face and overcome new challenges. With PMP certification in hand, you can be sure of the decision and the step you require to take in any particular situation.

  • Job Security

Professionals worry about maintaining their positions and livelihood in this challenging world. With the advancement in technology, certified professionals have found a way to maintain their demand in the market. Not only at the local levels, but in the global market as well, a PMP certified professional feels ease and security at the job.

For Employers

  • International Recognition

This is an internationally recognized certification and Project Management International has attained accreditation ISO/IEC 17024. This clearly specifies that this certification is recognized globally, and explains the experience and qualification that a non-certified professional does not possess.

Definitely, if an employer wants to gain global market he will go for the professionals having the certification.

  • Adding Value to the Organisation

When the companies hire certified professionals they can rest at ease and are sure that their projects are overseen by someone who has a thorough knowledge of their projects. This can be a benefit to the company as the workers in your company are under wise supervision that can provide you with lucrative profits.

Other than this, a professional is good at managing risks and avoiding unnecessary mistakes and prevent monetary losses.

  • Healthy Business Culture

For a change the business initiatives of the organizations, companies require experienced professionals who completely understand the value of Project Management. Also, they require the professionals who can align the projects for the company good and in the set budget. Other than this, professionals that are able to manage highly mature projects and can maintain the portfolio positively are preferred over others.

  • Organizational Adaptability

This ability means the ability of an organization to modify its strategies as per the demands and the changes in the market globally. These challenges can be the introduction of new competitors, technology disruption, and other shifts. Experiences show that the skills brought on the table by the professionals indicate their preparedness in managing tasks.

There are both costs and benefits of the PMP certification, but the global recognition and the wider scope offered by the certification is worth the expense. The formal training and the tested knowledge provided by the certification helps in facing real-life challenges and setting goals that can benefit not only the professionals but also the organizations they are serving. Major companies demand it as a core feature of your resume and to cope up with the trend you cannot neglect this need of the hour.

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