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SlideUpLift Review: Your Shortcut to PowerPoint Productivity

PowerPoint, an application that enjoys considerable market share in business communication, has a limited collection of presentation templates and other PowerPoint resources.

To address and solve this problem, our team ventured out into the depths of the internet to find the best library of PowerPoint resources that offered quality presentation templates at reasonable prices. Our most important consideration was to find a platform that could help us save time and reduce the time spent scouring the web for the right presentation templates.

We judged various platforms on the following characteristics:

  • Variety and quality of resources offered
  • Visual appeal
  • Price
  • The ease with which we could find the right template – Navigability / UI
  • Additional services – Add-in/software
  • Customer service
  • Customer reviews

Out of the several platforms that we analyzed, SlideUpLift certainly had the upper hand.

SlideUpLift is an online collection of PowerPoint resources catering to the needs of business professionals and educators whose default medium of communication is Presentations.

With a vast collection of pan-industry PowerPoint templates, SlideUpLift offers business professionals and educators the ability to create engaging and impactful presentations, be it sales pitches, start-up decks, workshop material, project documents, etc. The platform also contains many tools to visually emphasize your story, including 3D Isometrics, professional Icons, Silhouettes, etc. Many of which are free to use.

Variety and Quality of PowerPoint Templates:

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PPT templates and other PowerPoint resources offered by SlideUpLift are wide-ranging and cover almost every industry and function. Whether you are a business executive, educator, or someone planning your next big PowerPoint presentation, you will be able to find something resonating with your needs.

They house an all-encompassing collection of business templates, i.e., marketing management, HR management, project management, financial management, strategy, business frameworks, and many more. The templates are 100% customizable and are seamlessly integrated with Google Slides.

The above 30 60 90 day plan template is a great example. The template can be customized according to the user’s wish, wherein they will be able to change the content of the presentation as per their needs.

The quality of the PowerPoint templates is certainly top-notch. Their templates have been made with close attention to detail and are powered by vision science principles. These templates are conceptualized by alumni from premier consulting companies and executed by graphic designers who understand how factors like color gradients, shapes, fonts, and graphics should be intertwined to give you the best product possible.

121620 0405 SlideUpLift2

This executive summary template is a great example of principles of vision science being put to use. While capable of holding an immense amount of information, the template doesn’t appear to be stuffed. All the information can be easily read and interpreted. The colors, fonts, icons, and graphics complement each other while being easy on the eyes.


121620 0405 SlideUpLift3

We found SlideUpLift pricing very reasonable. The thing that our team liked the most was the fact that the user is not forced to purchase a membership. If you are looking to purchase just a single template, you can easily do that by paying for your chosen one. We liked that flexibility, which isn’t offered by anyone in the market, as of now.

Not only that, the membership plans start at just $9.99. If you are unsure or want first to try, then this is the best option for you. They also have a huge collection of free PowerPoint templates that you can use to work on your presentation.

Navigability and User Interface:

We didn’t find any issues with the website’s navigability and felt that SlideUpLift search gave quite relevant results for our queries.

Additional Services:

Another great tool they provide with all the membership plans is the PowerPoint add-in. You can download it from Microsoft. It is handy for professionals who make a lot of presentations. It works effortlessly within the PowerPoint application and lets you browse and download templates directly from PowerPoint. Thereby saving you the time that you would’ve wasted scouring the web for the right template.

Customer Service:

SlideUpLift offers robust email support. We contacted them to change the color gradient of a particular template that we could not find anywhere else. We sent them an email, and they were kind enough to send us an updated one. Their customer reviews on are filled with similar instances where they quickly provided their customers with such services.

Final Words:

SlideUpLift is a platform that can help you stay on top of your presentation needs. Resources like templates, icons, and silhouettes will help you create engaging, visually appealing, and impactful presentations without wasting hours on end.

Through SlideUpLift’s presentation templates, presenters can differentiate themselves with an enormous visual impact on their audience with minimum time investment.

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