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Snovio is the world’s first decentralized sourcing and lead generation service. Snovio offers high-quality leads using blockchain technology and crowdsourcing data collection methods. Snovio functions as an email address finder and verifier, checking each email address with its independent email verifier to make the email address list bounce-free. This platform best meets the need for updatable contacts(leads) of high quality to a given business. It also offers the prospect of communicating with the leads. It will accomplish these aims by involving the maximum number of people in the process of data collection with SNOV tokens given as rewards. Snovio began development in January 2017. Their first BETA version was released in April, and their first paying client subscribed in May 2017. Within a month Snovio had 10 paying clients out of over 500 free users.

The current database consists of over 800,000 contacts with additional information. The company is working hard to grow their database and make it more appealing to a wider variety business ventures. The Snovio plugin is easily accessible as a Chrome extension which has been successful in finding the prospective leads email addresses. Further, Snovio provides a Boolean-string search query generator for Google, LinkedIn, GitHub, Facebook and lots of others.

Snovio aims to create a blockchain based transparent economy called the Marketplace which will work in favour of the clients through high quality leads, and in favour of the data suppliers who will receive Snov tokens as a reward. The Snovio service is a great tool for numerous professionals, be it recruiters or sales managers. At present, Snovio is successfully working in domain, company, lead search and email address verification.


#1 Domain search.

Email addresses with names and job positions may be easily accessed from various domains using this feature. It may be used to find contacts and facilitate getting connected to them.

#2 LinkedIn email search.

Another important feature is its association with LinkedIn. One can find and save email addresses of LinkedIn users. By doing a bare search or by using the Prospect Search Tool. The latter may be used to seek specific profiles attuned to one’s needs.

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#3 Companies profiles

The Snovio service provides for searching the database of information of companies and facilitates in identifying and contacting the people in the right departments, thus increasing accuracy and efficiency in information collection.

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#4 Send emails for free.

The service provides for sending free emails to the prospects identified, using the Domain search with no credits charged.


The Chrome extension is a convenient tool for searching email addresses from sites such as LinkedIn and other websites. The extension is available free of cost. One may simply visit any website, open the plugin and see email addresses along with extra information like names (if available). Further, it does not hinder other email lookup Chrome extensions (such as clearbit,, findthatlead) and works efficiently alongside them. The extension has been reviewed well with most users being satisfied with its performance.


This service reviews email addresses to ensure that they are valid and ‘bounce-free’. It is a resourceful email validator that analyses all the emails and detects spam mails. Bounce rates should be within 10-15% threshold, else it may lead to account suspension. It is an online service without demanding any downloads. It is an immensely useful and accurate service, providing fast checks of email addresses. After registering, one must simply upload the list and the service provides the clean list after requisite verification. This service provides 100 email checks per account per month free and thereafter one email verification costs 0.5 of a credit. It is compatible with mac, Linux and Windows users.


Snovio uses crypto-tokens called SNOV within the internal accounting system between customers, the platform, and contributor. Further, it is also used to reward users/contributors for adding and updating data in the system. SNOV may be spent by the users to avail of Snovio services such as searching for contacts or technology search, to authenticate data, use their mailing services, or if needed, place an order in the marketplace. It may also be used to connect with professionals who are accountable for these technologies in the specified companies. SNOV has a market cap of $24,470,591 USD with a circulating supply of 405,001,426 and a total supply of 651,129,644.

its pricing being more economical than the other competitors.


The company has enumerated its roadmap in detail on the site. It provides the aims and blueprint for the future.

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