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SSC CGL: Top posts and Salary Offered after clearing the exam

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is a government organization, involved in recruiting staff at different levels in various ministries and central government departments, including their subordinate offices. This commission is an attached office of the Department of Personnel and Training. Over the years, it has emerged as one of the most awaited exams for government job aspirants.

Every year SSC CGL exam is held in four tiers; Mathematics, English, Reasoning, General awareness are some of the major subjects, covered in this exam. You can apply for the exam if you have any graduation degree from a recognized board or if you are in the final year of graduation.

In 2017, first tier and second tier of SSC CGL exam has already taken place. Admit cards for the third tier of SSC CGL will be available in second week of March,2018.

SSC CGL 2017

Being one of the most popular exams, there are many doubts and queries which students have surrounding this exam. Through this article, we will be answering a very common query which is that after clearing SSC CGL, what kind of job profile will I get and what would be my pay scale?

Let’s begin!!

Benefits of Qualifying SSC CGL

• Firstly, cracking the SSC CGL exam, ensures you a job, that offers a great work-life balance.

• Second, you stand to gain a bit of status with the title of central government job, go your resume.

• Third, SSC has a process of conducting grade-wise (role wise) departmental competitive exams for existing central government staff. So, one stands to gain there as well; grow professionally. Different departments have different promotion steps to climb up.

• Fourth, you will gain maximum job security. This opportunity will help you start your career in either CBI, CVC, headquarters of Armed Forces, Post Office, Indian Railways etc. governed by the central government.

Some of the posts for which recruitment is carried out are;

Accountant/ Junior Accountant, Tax Assistant in CBDT, CBEC inspector of Central Excise & Customs, a Preventive officer in Customs, Divisional Accountant, Jr. Accountant, Auditor & UDC in various offices of Govt. of India, Compiler in Registrar General of India, Sub-inspector in Central Bureau of Narcotics & CBI, Assistant Enforcement Officer in Directorate of Enforcement, Department of Revenue, Inspector of Income Tax. And their major departments include that of Central Secretariat Service, Central Vigilance Commission, Intelligence Bureau, Ministry of Railways, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Defense, CBI and various other ministries or departments or organizations of central government.

Top posts and the Salary Offered after Clearing SSC CGL

Now, with regard to salaries of any central government employee, the rank, number of years of service, department, grade pay, city or town of employee etc. all matter.

With the recent approval of the 7th Pay commission Looking, the allowances and pay, for SSC CGL job posts are actually looking good and can be the boost or motivation you are looking for.

Following are some of the common posts for which you can apply and the figures are respective in hand salaries, offered:

  • For the post of Examiner, the in-hand Salary is INR 51,000.
  • For Inspector Examiner (CBEC), it is INR. 52,000. For Inspector Preventive (CBEC), it is INR. 51,000.
  • For Inspector (Excise Dept), it is INR. 51,911.
  • For Inspector (Income Tax), it is INR. 51,222.
  • For Sub Inspector (CBI), it is INR. 42,000.
  • And for the post of an Inspector in any department, in hand salary comes up to INR. 42,211. Now, in the Narcotics department, the salary would be INR. 41,140. And for the post of a Sub Inspector, it would be INR. 41,999.
  • Next, the Assistant posts in External Affairs will leave you with an in-hand salary of INR. 52,333. For an Assistant post in Railways, it is INR. 53,444 whereas an Assistant post in IB (Investigation) can earn you about INR. 52, 411, in hand. And, lastly, the Assistant post-Secretarial Services, would earn you INR. 51, 121.
  • For the post of Division Accountant, it will be INR. 42,456, as salary in hand. For CDGA auditor, it will help be INR. 35,250, and the post of CGA auditor will help you earn about, INR. 36,400, in hand. And Junior Accountant CGA employees will earn about INR. 35,111.
  • CBDT Tax assistant, it is INR. 31,000, UDC; it is INR. 31,400, CBEC Tax assistant; it is INR. 32,444 and Sub Inspector (Narcotics); it is INR. 31,101, as in hand salary.

Now, the 7th Pay Commission had also proposed different rates of HRA allowance, depending on city classification or location of an SSC CGL employee.

• Those who resided in cities coming under Class X would get 24% HRA. (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Pune).

• Those who resided in locations coming under Class Y (100 Towns with the population above 5 Lakhs) would get 16% and those who resided in locations, classified under Class Z (rural Areas) would enjoy 8%.

• Here, traveling allowances would also differ with regard to this X, Y, Z city classification. However, there would be no DA in the salary structure as per new recommendations.

• Also, if you happened to work in security agencies like CBI, IB, an extra 20% of Basic Pay as Special Security Allowance(SSA) would be made available to you.

Yes, competition is very tough for this exam. And sometimes preparations are not just enough to crack this one. A strong desire backed by endurance is also required. In the coming year, there is only going to be an increase in a number of SSC CGL exam candidates. Just, remember that, what you stand to gain here, is a lifetime of opportunities and growth prospects and financial security.

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