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Study In Australia! How and Why ?


  • Why You Should Study In Australia?
  • Scholarships for Study In Australia
  • Proceed To Study In Australia
  • Is Australia the right place to study for Indian students?
  • What is the life like for overseas students studying in Australia?
  • What is the chance for foreign students to work in Australia while studying over there?
  • How can I study in Australia?
  • How much can an Indian student earn in Australia for his/her studies?
  • What is the chance for foreign students to work in Australia while studying over there?
  • How can one get scholarships to study abroad?

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Australia is the world’s sixth largest country and smallest continent. It is located in southeast of Asia, and between the Pacific and Indian oceans. Due to the oceans around it, Australia comes in the category of Islands. Its official name is Commonwealth of Australia and it is the member of British Commonwealth. The capital of Australia is Canberra while other famous cities of Australia include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, and Darwin. The language of Australia is English and there is a big population of immigrants now living as nationals. Australia comprises six states and two territories. Australia is one of the most beautiful countries of the world because of mysterious pink waters of the lake hillier, Claustra Canyon in the Blue Mountains and the waters of Shark Bay in Western Australia etc. Kangaroos, the pouch mammals are also the specialty of Australia. It is the land of 43 universities, many colleges and institutes.

Apply to Australian Colleges

It is not so difficult to apply for Australian colleges because getting Australian Visa is easy and free of extra restrictions. The process of applying to some Australian college can be divided in to sis steps:

  • Decide a course and some Australian college
  • Apply for the course by following the website of college
  • Check requirements for the course
  • Receive offer letter from the college or university
  • Receive confirmation of the admission
  • Apply for Visa and plan your arrival

The type of Visa that you are applying must be student Visa.


Cost of  Study In Australia

It is always better to study in some public institute, college or university because it costs less than private institutes. The costs of study in Australia depend upon the degree program you are applying for. Undergraduate of bachelor degree programs in Australia cost AU$15,000 to AU$33,000. Master degree or graduate programs costs AU$20,000 to AU$37,000 while Doctoral degree programs costs AU$14,000 to AU$37,000. If you become successful in getting some scholarship or research grant then it will be very good in your favor because scholarships lowers the cost of study to a big extent. To avail some scholarship, you must have to search on internet. You can check this website regularly for available scholarships.

Employment Prospectus

It is always so attractive for the companies to hire employees who have some foreign degree. So if you are pursuing degree from Australia as international student then there is 100% chance of getting job after completion of education in your own country. But if you are going to search for job in Australia after getting degree from Australia then you must prepare yourself according to the competition in Australia. There is a lot of competition according to the employment prospectus in Australia but if you are hard working and talented then getting job in Australia is not a big challenge for you.

Australian VISA and Immigration

As mentioned earlier, getting student Visa for Australia is not so difficult, Australia encourage international student to apply and come to Australia institutes. There is no restriction of doing work after completion of degree but this condition is compulsory in other English countries. You must be careful in selection of Visa and go through all the necessary information. Australian government allows international students to stay in Australia for a short period of time or for a long period of time depending upon their Visa type. If you have a plan to do job in Australia after completing study in Australia then you must apply for a work Visa after completion of education. Information about VISA and immigration process can be gathered from these two links:

Embassy Details Of Australia

Australian embassy is working in India for many years. The main purpose of Australian embassy is to provide assistance in getting VISA and getting immigration information. The head office of Australian conciliate India is located in Mumbai. Students can directly contact to Australian embassy in India to collect important information about student or work Visa. Telephone number of Australian conciliate is +91 22 6757 4900. For getting other information, you can visit the official website: Embassy Office Official Website

Life in Australia

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries of the world. If you visit Australia once, you’ll wish to visit there each year. If someone is going to Australia as a student, he/she can enjoy all the colors of life in Australia. There is no restriction on religion and traditions. Whatever the religion you are following, you can enjoy full independence in following your own ethics. If you are planning to live in Australia, you just have to follow their law; in return they provide you opportunity to enjoy every color of life. Australia is a country where the people from all ethnic groups are living happily. As a student, you can also do some part time job in Australia to meet your expanses but you are not compelled to do job if have a strong support at your back.

Colleges in Australia

Australia has a number of colleges which are awarding degrees to study almost all subjects. Many universities of Australia are famous at international level and include in top universities of the world according to QS rankings. Melbourne university, Monash university, Queensland University, University of Sydney and many more are world’s top universities. There is a big list of colleges and universities of Australia, if you are looking for one then follow this link: Universities of Australia

Consultants for Australia

It is sometimes necessary to seek some guidance about Visa and immigration from some experienced and educated persons. So there are many consultant companies working in India to provide necessary information, Visa details, opportunities etc. Beware of the fake and fraud companies and always contact some registered and trustable consultant agencies in India. Some renowned consultants can be found by following these links:

If you are new and not sure about the reliability of some consultant then you must contact Australian embassy in India. They can provide you better options.

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