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9 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking

9 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking

Why You Should Quit Smoking ?

Quit Smoking : Tobacco is one of the leading reasons behind a considerable number of preventable diseases as well as deaths. The form of tobacco consumption differs among the consumers. There are many tobacco products available in the market. Even there are tobacco based toothpowders too. All are addictive and harmful simultaneously, up to varying extents. Also, depending upon how much is being consumed and in what way.

While it is addictive and harmful, but the positive thing is that there are numerous ways to help somebody quit tobacco usage. While a lot of it depends on self control and motivation, sudden withdrawal also brings many symptoms. So, if any close relative or friend is a tobacco addict, show them the hope by motivating them to get the help of a doctor and medical procedure to help them quit gracefully.

Reasons to quit smoking can be a great motivator for the inception of this decision on the minds of tobacco consumers. Let us go through some reasons in brief:

Reasons for Why You Should Quit Smoking

1. Tobacco fogs the mind:

While many smokers claim that cigarette releases their stress and increases their concentration (most common excuse made by students who are smokers) , tobacco is linked with many memory related problems and disorders. It effects how you think in a way that cannot be explained clearly in a few words. The best way to prevent this is not to be habituated to the temporary relief or euphoria of false ‘ feel good ‘feeling that it provides.

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2. Tobacco effects each and every organ of the body in some way or another.

The respiratory system of course, suffers the most. A research shows that the risk of pneumonia causing bacteria is substantially greater for smokers than non-smokers. Reason is not known clearly, although a clue can be made through the evidences that show how smoking destroys the protective mucous membranes.

3. Smokers have high chances of having disturbed sleep symptoms.

4. Love life gets disrupted

Because tobacco is linked with a lot of reasons that triggers erectile dysfunction. Also, since arousal is a lot of psychological thing, hormonal imbalances cause due to smoking can disrupt the natural well being of the person’s private life.

5. Right from cardiac diseases to cancer to allergy, tobacco can cause everything.

6. Quitting smoking is very good for finances as well.

Amount of money which an addict spends on tobacco to fulfil their desire of smoking can be surprising to the smoker himself when he is into quitting. Undoubtedly, quitting smoking is a great idea if you want to save some extra money and put it into something more worthy. Also, the amount of fees a typical smoker has to pay to the doctor for overcoming the negative effects of smoking will be saved.


7. A non-smoker or in many cases a smoker who successfully quitted tobacco addiction is a positive role model for their own children as well the society.

8.Helpful for Own Development

Quitting smoking can help reverse many effects which are temporary yet very disturbing because of what it does to the looks and getup of a smoker. Quitting smoking immediately shows positive development in improving the breath of the smoker. Clothes, hair, etc will be relieved of that disgusting smell. Overall, the person becomes more presentable and it improves the self esteem of the person.

9. Quitting reverses the effects of smoking and improves the health by:

a. Heartbeat and blood pressure comes back to normal
b. CO declines in blood
c. Cardiac function is restored back to normal.

These were just brief reasons to state in support of quitting smoking, while a big article can be written on each single point. The point is, our body is already self sufficient in it’s maintenance. Whatever stress factor comes on it’s way, there are ways to escape the negative effects through proper exercise and correct way of living. We must not let nicotine or alcohol to be an unnatural guiding force to carry on our bodily functions. Else only harm is expected.

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