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8 Reasons Why Clean Shaven Men Will Never Go Out of Style

Reasons why clean shaven men will never go out of style

8 Reasons Why Clean Shaven Men Will Never Go Out of Style : While various trends of hair, nail, shoes, clothes, etc come and go or rather say same things go in and out of fashion with time , there are some trends which remain evergreen. While there are various notions which guides to what we term as ‘evergreen’ but undoubtedly, clean shaven men is always classic, neat and makes a man look dapper.

While some guys look better with beards ( stylish ones or simply neatly trimmed) , but clean shaven look has got it’s own charm and reason why it is evergreen. Let us look at some of those reasons for Why Clean Shaven Men Will Never Go Out of Style.

8 Reasons Why Clean Shaven Men Will Never Go Out of Style

1. The biggest accomplishment in looks which a clean shaven men look brings in a man is that it makes a man look younger. It may sound funny but it is very true that beards do behave weird because they do not grow evenly in many people. Problems arise when white beard appears in patches or a whole mixture of black and white facial hair starts growing together. This makes a person look really weird. So best way is to wipe off that patchy forest from the face and let the skin breathe!

Clean Shaven Men

2. Clean shaven look is a basic requirement as far as formal getup of men is concerned. During any interview or formal meeting, when the sole purpose of everything you put on is to impress and win, you cannot risk your chances by looking like you have not bathed for days or rather say it gives an impression like you are least bothered of what impression that might leave about you. Automatically, that would kill your chances to impress .

3. Clean shave is the best look for summer I guess. The heat and sweat often renders itchiness to the skin as claimed by men themselves. So best way is to cut the reasons of trouble at the roots! (literally)

4. Clean shaven men are perfect as far as corporate culture is concerned. I mean, men in neatly ironed suit, polished shoes, polite language, sophisticated manners, etc are the ones whose bosses are eager to let them represent their institution. A clean shave would provide the icing on the cake, like a great add on to the sophistication of the man we are talking about in here.

5. Seriously, a heavily bearded man may be assumed to be Hitler in the locality as it may scare the children at first sight. A bearded man looks rough and tough and that is not exactly what is desired all the time (Here we are not confusing bearded man with a man who is nicely trimmed ;)).

6. Like I mentioned a little about all men not having even growth of facial hair , let me explain the point here. To grow a stylish beard or design your trimmed facial hair into the ones you idealize is not always very easy. That is because everyone do not grow sufficient hair on face evenly. So to save your time as well as money and energy from dying your beard black, maintaining your design, etc you can choose to clean your face completely flawless. (great tip for lazy guys)

7. Gives confidence because you have nothing to worry about .For example, you need not worry if your beard is making you look good or bad, scary or untidy, whatever. Thing is ,you know within that you look good.

8. Clean shaven men look innocent (great tip for naughty guys) and more impressive when seen through the eyes of maximum women (not including me;))


Trends are trends. One thing looks fascinating and that gets IN fashion. After sometime that gets boring when everyone starts sporting the same thing. While many women think beard is hot, clean shave is the most classy style. Though we cannot deny that many guys do not look good clean shaven (I say that their faces look like boiled egg). What looks good on you and what not is left for you to decide, until then we say this trend is classic.

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