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Study in Dubai / Middle East Why? How To Apply ?

Study in Dubai Related Questions and Answers

Study in Dubai Questions : 

  • How To Apply For Study in Dubai?
  • Is there any good opportunity to Study in Dubai? 
  • How can I get admission in Dubai for Study in Dubai?
  • What will be the cost for Study in Dubai?
  • IS there any Scholarship to Study in Dubai?
  • What is the eligibility criteria to Study in Dubai?
  • How’s the life at Dubai?
  • Where is Dubai Embassy in India?
  • How to contact some consultant?
  • How to get Visa for Dubai?
  • How many colleges and universities are in Dubai?

Middle East is the region consists of 17 countries like Turkey, Egypt, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Saudi Arabia etc. Dubai is the second largest emirate, state of the United Arab Emirates. United Arab Emirates is divided into seven states and Dubai is the most developed state of UAE. It has an area of 3,885 square kilometers and has sandy beaches and large desserts. It is located on the bank of Dubai creek which is an inlet of Arabian Gulf. Therefore Dubai is also called “the gulf state”. Dubai is famous for its role as international center for trade and business. The outclass hotels, shopping malls and restaurants are the asset of Dubai. Many investors from all over the world like to invest their money in some project in Dubai. The education standard of Dubai is also high therefore many students like to study and work in these places. Other countries like Egypt, Turkey and Iran are also known for high standard of education.

How to Apply to colleges in Dubai / Middle East for Study In Dubai ?

Many universities/colleges of Dubai offer different academic programs in different subjects. Undergraduate, post graduate, PhD programs are offered by different colleges and universities in Dubai. Other than these higher degree programs, primary, secondary and inter level education is offered by a number of schools and colleges. The procedure to apply for colleges/universities in Dubai is very simple and easy. First search for the best colleges in Dubai or Middle East then chose the subject of your interest. Select two to three universities/colleges and check their admission criteria and deadlines. Apply for the admission with required documents and wait for their response. After getting response, apply for study Visa and plan your arrival.

Study in Dubai

Study in Dubai / Study in Middle East

Cost of Study for Study in Dubai

Dubai is somehow expensive for tourists and business persons but the cost of study is not very high in Dubai. Students are warmly welcomed to complete their studies in very comfortable environments. The cost for undergraduate studies in Dubai ranges from 37500 to 70000 UAE Dirham with living expenses between 2600 to 3900 UAE Dirham (AED). While the cost for post graduate programs ranges from 55000 AED to 75000 AED per year, living expenses are same as the above. All you know that living expenses in Dubai are very high so it is better to avail some scholarship or grant before going to study in Dubai but if you can afford all the expenses then it is very good. Many scholarships are available to study in Dubai; these scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit and need. Scholarship information for Dubai is available here.

Employment prospectus after Study in Dubai

Dubai comes in the list of top cities according to job and employment prospectus. Dubai always need new doctors, engineers, programmers and other experts so do not miss a chance of getting highly paid job in Dubai. On the other side, there is a 100% guarantee of getting a god job in your own country after studying in Dubai. There are a lot of opportunities for job after getting education from Dubai or Middle East.

Dubai/Middle East Visa and Immigration

The rules for getting study Visa for Dubai are not very strict. Students can easily get Dubai Visa on their passport. If you are going to Dubai only for study then you must apply for study Visa and of you have a plan to do work in Dubai after completion of education then follow other rules. To get a study Visa, you must have a confirmation of admission in some college or institute in Dubai. Students under the age of 18 must be sponsored by their parents because their individual Visa applications are not accepted. You must have to follow a simple procedure of medical tests to ensure your eligibility for Dubai. There is also a short procedure of security clearance to avoid any criminal activity. So be ready for these procedures.

Embassy Details

India has made good relationships with many countries of the world. Dubai and India are also good friends therefore they do not hesitate to provide Visa and immigration opportunities for people The embassy of Dubai is located in New Delhi India to continue the strong relationship and to provide every information about Visa and immigration. The request for Visa is forwarded to embassy and they process it further. The contact number of Dubai Embassy is +91-11-26111111. You can contact them to get all the necessary information.

Life at Dubai

Dubai offers the most luxurious lifestyle but you should have money to spend. It’ll be good for you to get some part time job if you are not studying on scholarship. Getting a part time job is also very easy in Dubai but you just have to show your skills and confidence. People are friendly and do not interfere in others life therefore you can enjoy your life according to your own rules but following the law is important. There is a big population of Muslims, especially Arab Muslims but due to its trade centers, people from different regions and religions are living there happily. You can see the fantastic life at Dubai here.

Colleges/Universities in Dubai

Education is highly supported in Dubai, therefore there is number of colleges and universities in Dubai. World’s best universities have also formed their campuses in Dubai. The system of education varies there and is divided into American, British, Germen, Canadian, Indian, Pakistani and Australian education systems. Universities and colleges are also categorized according to these education systems and educational facilities. QS Ranking also tells good about the colleges and universities of Dubai. You can check the list of all colleges and universities by following this link.

Consultants for Dubai

The procedure for applying for admission and then for Visa must be a clear and legal process because if you try to make a short cut, it’ll prove very bad for you so plan a meeting with some consultant so that he/she can provide you the right information. There are many consultants in India who are working to provide information and Visa support for Dubai. For example:


Nitin International

The Chopras

But this is not the end, there are also many other legal consultant which you can find through newspaper, internet or other sources.

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