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The Advancement from Commerce to Ecommerce

In economics we learn that our needs and requirements are never ending, which is in fact true; we as human beings have our basic needs which we have to fulfill like food, shelter, clothing etc and once these are fulfilled the needs still does not finish. Now all this revolves around commerce as it helps to fulfill these needs in the form of give and take of goods and products. Commerce is a terminology used to describe the organization and distribution of tangible or intangible goods or services in and around us. Today if all our requirements are being met is because of successful commerce & business activities.

The exchange of goods is not limited nowadays; due to growth in commerce we have goods being shipped around the world, which means you can easily avail a product which is available in other country. This all has been possible because of advancement in commerce and introduction of ecommerce.


Electronic commerce is the great advancement which has changed the picture of trade and commerce. This has made best use of internet technology and helped in facilitating exchange of goods and services through online internet usage. Yes you are right online shopping through various shopping sites. I recommend you to use coupons before shopping online. There are many coupon websites like couponcabin.com, crossbordershopping.ca, couponmachine.in or printable-coupons.blogspot.com is one of the best examples of coupons website. This market has given huge popularity to internet and small –large scare businesses which did not have exposure to this huge market. The biggest exposure for all kinds of business to present their work is through websites and online advertisement. Websites are like virtual shop or market where customers get all required details and information about their company; hence they recommend to webcast any small kind of business so that they can easily have contact with customers. Weebly or similar websites can help such business to get introduced through online platform.
Important of commerce & E-Commerce:
Expansion of means of trade – With the growing market opportunities the demand of goods and services are booming up, trading market is getting chance to expand their business. There are different means of trade like transport, communication, insurance, advertising which are getting expansion in this field.
National Income & wealth – to meet the increasing demand production of goods also have to be increased and this helps to increase the income of the country. In many of the developed countries manufacturing industries and trade contribute the highest percentage in the increment of nation income. You can visit bea.gov/national for more information.
Employment opportunities – There is no doubt that increment in trade will provide good employment opportunities because there will be more manpower required in various field like banking, marketing and related agencies. This will indirectly also help in good job opportunities and income growth.
Standard of living – Take example of shopping online websites like amazon.com or ebay.com, we are easily able to order what we want, which has indirectly helped to maintain our good standard of living. We are getting things just sitting at home what can be better than this.
Customer seller relationship – Ecommerce has successfully assisted market to maintain a good bond between the producers and consumers. Customers demand and producers helps to produce and supply the products, this has helped to establish a close relationship between the customer & seller.

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