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Top Best Ministries of Higher Education

What is Ministries of Higher Education ?

Ministries of Higher Education – The countries which consider education as an essential contributor in their development and prosperity, have established separate ministries to manage the educational issues. The main purpose of a ministry of education is to develop strategies for the promotion of education, formulation of plans to establish higher education institutes and universities, and provide educational grants and scholarships for higher education. The qualities of a ministry of education which make it functional are: hardworking officers, best planning, formulations of good strategy, and implementation of plans developed for the promotion of education. The ministries of education which have these qualities stand on the top of the world’s best education ministries. This article covers the top 10 ministries of education of the world. Hope you’ll get the right information about the education ministries and may get a guideline to take a good decision for your career.

Ministries of Higher Education

1) Ministry of Higher Education and Research France

Ministry of higher education France (Ministries of Higher Education) is the governing entity responsible for education affairs. This ministry is responsible for the curriculum development, education planning and implementation of educational strategy in the province. The minister of higher education and research France is Najat Vallaud Belkacem while the secretary of education is Thierry Mandon. This ministry of France is working for the development of country on the basis of education and therefore it has established several departments of higher education and research. The programs offered by the ministry of higher education and research France are: Patent higher technician (BTS), Preparatory classes for grandes ecoles (CPGE), Senior accounting diplomas (DCG,DSCG, DEC),University technology diploma, PhD, Schools of business and management, health studies, sandwitch courses, continuing education throughout life, training defense, engineering courses, teacher training, license, professional license and masters.

2) US Department of Education

The department of education USA (United States of America) is responsible for all educational affairs including the higher education affairs in America. The secretary of education is Arne Duncan who is precisely handling all the educational issues in America. This ministry is playing a very important role in the higher education development by developing the rules and regulations for higher education. U.S department of education offers loans and grants for student so that they can easily continue their studies. Almost all colleges and universities in America come under the laws of U.D department of education.

3) Department of Education Govt of UK

The department of Education United kingdom is responsible for all educational activities performed in United Kingdom. The secretary of education is her majesty Nicky Morgan. The aim of this department is to work for education and promote education in all regions of England. It not only works for higher education, but also works for education at elementary and secondary level. It is also supported by 10 other agencies and public bodies. This department comes under the government of United Kingdom and works as the separate department of governmental organization. The ranking of universities and colleges of United Kingdom depicts the performance of education department of UK.

4) Ministry of Higher education Australia

The department of higher education Australia works under the ministry of education Australia. The education system of Australia is admired all over the world due to the high ranking of Australian universities. Almost all universities of Australia come under the supervision of ministry of education and department of higher education. The purpose of this ministry is to create a system that is higher in quality, more accessible, more competitive and more sustainable.

5) Department of Higher Education India

The department of higher education India comes under the ministry of human resource and development (MHRD). The minister of MHRD is Smriti Zubin Irani which is a well educated woman and pride of India. The purpose of department of higher education of MHRD is to promote the higher education in India and develop new resources and paths for education. The programs and services of Department of higher education India include: university and higher education, Technical education, technology enabled learning, language education, book promotion, international cooperation and coordination, scholarships and educational loans, regulatory bodies and many other schemes.

6) Ministry of Higher Education Pakistan

 The ministry of education and training is responsible for policy, plans and programs for ensuring mass education and integrated professional, vocational and technical training. The ministry is attached with several sub ordinate offices and autonomous organization which include the national training programs, National Center for Rural development, National training Bureau, Pakistan manpower institute, national talent pool, academy of education paining and management, higher education commission, Pakistan national commission for UNESCO and many more.

7) Ministry of Higher Education Sri Lanka

 The ministry of higher education Sri Lanka is one of the most active ministries of education. It is responsible for all educational affairs in the country. The current minister of education is S.B Dissanayake who is doing very well to lead this ministry and work for the education development. This ministry is playing its role in the area of organizing and directing higher education system. Many scholarships are also offered by the government to support the student and encourage them to get higher education.

8) Ministry of Higher Education UAE

UAE (United Arab Emirates) is the very important region according to trade and business point of view. But it is also working in the education development to promote the UAE institutes and universities and reach at a good rank in the world ranking of education. International students have attraction towards UAE to study and work there. So the ministry of higher education and scientific research UAE is responsible for managing and organizing educational strategies and planning good map for education development.

9) Ministry of Higher education Ireland (Higher education authority)

 The higher education authority of Ireland (HEA) is working under the ministry of education government of Ireland. The purpose of this government organization is to develop a high performing system of education and create a team of educated people who can play their part in the development at national and international level. Many accredited universities and institutes are working under this organization.

10) Ministry of Education Malaysia

 Ministry of Education Malaysia is one of the functional ministries of education of the world. It works for the educational development of Malaysia and reached many of its tasks. The current minister of education is Mahdzir Khalid which is currently contributing in the educational development of Malaysia. It is working for primary, secondary as well as higher education development in Malaysia. Its responsibilities are to establish higher education institutes, recognizable universities, planning and developing the strategies for education and making rules and regulations for the implementation of education.

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