Top 5 Paramedical (Degree) Courses After 12th

Top 5 Paramedical (Degree) Courses After 12th

Top 5 Paramedical Courses After 12th : In India, there are many private and government institutes offering paramedical courses. Despite easy availability of seats, students still don’t look at such courses as ‘attractive prospects’! For them, MBBS, BDS and Nursing are the most attractive programs. According to me, paramedical courses are promising academic programs too! In this article, I will bring to your attention the scope associated with paramedical courses. I’ve also listed down some of the best Degree courses available in India.

Top 5 Paramedical (Degree) Courses After 12th

Top 5 Paramedical (Degree) Courses After 12th

Paramedical courses & their potential

The healthcare sector is not entirely run by Doctors and Nurses! Many allied healthcare professionals are involved in this sector. All of them work in tandem in healthcare institutes!

The healthcare sector is going through a phase of growth now. Demand for Doctors and Nurses have gone up all across the globe! More than them, the demand for allied healthcare workers has shot through the roof!

Yes, allied healthcare workers are required by healthcare institutes from across the world. They play an integral role in the healthcare sector. Their role ensures that this sector functions smoothly and caters to the needs of patients.

“How to become an allied healthcare professional?”, you may ask. Yes, pursuing relevant paramedical course will help you earn the title of an allied healthcare worker! Paramedical courses will help you land a decent job in the healthcare sector!

As I mentioned before, there’s huge demand for qualified allied healthcare workers in India. Abroad, in developed nations, the demand is even more! Over there, the pay is also much better than what it is in India! In short, the work abroad prospect associated with this profession is great!

Going through the above paragraphs, it is evident that paramedical courses have good potential and scope. If landing a job is your prime target, paramedical courses can help you with that! Let us focus on the list of courses now –

Paramedical courses in India

As mentioned before, there are numerous private and government institutes in India, which provide paramedical education and training. Most of the institutes offer three types of courses –

  1. Bachelor’s Degree courses
  2. Diploma courses
  3. Certification courses

Among the three entries, Bachelor’s Degree programs are the best ones. They will help you land a better job. Moreover, you may even go for PG courses after completing a Degree course.

After Degree course comes Diploma programs. They are not as good as Degree courses.

Certificate courses come last. They will help you get base level jobs at healthcare setups.

In this article, we will be dealing only with Bachelor’s Degree courses. I’ve listed 5 in-demand papramedical courses below –

1. B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Technology

It is a very job oriented course. This course is also known by the short name of B.Sc. OTT. This course trains students and makes them capable of assisting Doctors and Nurses in Operation Theatres and ICUs.

The course trains students in topics like sterilization of instruments, surgical instrument familiarization, anaesthesia technology and operation table layout. After completing the course, one may find work at hospitals and clinics having operation theatres. Graduates may work in such work setups as operation theatre technicians or assistants

2. B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology

Most of us have been to medical labs for testing urine, blood or other body fluids. At such labs, you may have noticed technicians and technologists collecting and analyzing the above mentioned samples of body fluids. B.Sc. MLT course trains students and makes them capable of carrying out medical laboratory work (collecting, sampling and analyzing). MLT graduates are capable of collecting and analyzing fluid samples and arriving at a diagnosis (conclusion) based on their observations. They observe the sample, obtain necessary data, create a report and send it back to the respective Doctor.

Diagnosis is a very important part of treatment. In fact, it is the first and the most important stage! It is only after a correct diagnosis that a Doctor can prescribe the correct medicine or solution to his/her patient! This fact highlights the importance of the task performed by MLT professionals!

3. B.Sc. in Radiography and Medical Imaging

Have you ever had to undergo an X-Ray examination? Medical imaging labs are the places where such services are available. Radiography is all about using electromagnetic radiation to obtain the medical images of inner parts of the human body. For example, using X-Ray to scan the bones!

State of the art machines and technology (like MRI, CT Scan, Sonography) are used to scan various body parts. To operate such machines, certain amount of technical and medical know-how is required. B.Sc. in Radiography and Medical Imaging trains students in this discipline! After course completion, graduates may find job at medical imaging labs and hospitals.

4. B.Sc. in Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy professionals work with children and patients suffering from speech and swallowing disorders. They usually work under the supervision of a qualified Audiologist (Doctor).

Speech Therapy professionals are trained in areas like rehabilitation of patients, therapy exercises, progress monitoring and family education. They work closely with the patients and bring improvement to the condition of the speech/swallowing disorder in patients.

5. Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Though not a traditional paramedical course, physiotherapy also comes under the umbrella of allied healthcare education. Physiotherapists use activities like exercises, therapy and massages to cure conditions like injury and physical deformations. Physiotherapists also play a key role in the smooth rehabilitation of patients recovering from accidents and surgeries.

Skilled physiotherapists are in huge demand these days. Hospitals and rehabilitation clinics are the main recruiters. Physiotherapists are also hired by sports franchises to look after their athletes and players!

All of the above mentioned paramedical Degree courses can be studied after passing 12th Science Biology group from a recognized board. For more details about Biology courses, check out this article – list of 12th Biology (PCB) courses.

Those were the five best paramedical courses that managed to make it into the list. Apart from the 5 courses mentioned above, there also exist numerous other courses in India. It is upto readers to choose a course that suits them best!

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