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Special Education Certification Courses Lists

Special Education Certification Courses

Best Special Education Certification Courses : Special education is the need of the time because our environment is becoming more stressful and irritating that many children are facing psychological problems. Other than psychological problems, different types of disabilities and abnormalities restrict the children to get education. The solution of this problem lies in the promotion of special education programs. The students with the love of mankind and sense of humanity try to cover the gap between normal and abnormal children. For Not only children, education is also the need of adults who could not get the necessary education before. Researchers have found that special people and children sometimes show extraordinary performance in some specific filed so there is a need to polish their abilities. To prepare a team of educators and experts in special education, different institutes and organizations have introduced special education courses. Top 10 Special Education Certification Courses are mentioned below.

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Special Education Certification Courses

Special Education Certification Courses

Best Special Education Certification Courses

1) Early Childhood Special Education
This course focuses on persons with mental retardation at school going age and vocational age. Early detection of the problem and its treatment is important. Usually there is no solution of naturally occurring disability but its early diagnostic can help the child to move in the society by taking some special treatment and training. For example, if the hearing disability of a child is diagnosed at early age, parents can help him to understand things in a better way. Many online courses are also offered in Early Childhood special Education, For example, University of Nebraska Lincoln offers online course of early childhood special education.

2) BS in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Different institutes of special education training offer degree in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism is mental disorder or condition present from early childhood. The people suffering from this condition face severe problem in communication and relationships. They cannot move in society with confidence and suffer from severe speech impairment. Such people need special care and treatment to polish their communication skills. It is better to diagnose this problem at early ages so that it can be handled easily. Grand Canyon University is best for this course. Other online certification programs can also be joined for this course.

3) Certificate in Behavior analysis
The environmental stress and domestic problems are the major cause of abnormal behavior and illegal acts. Some people are severely affected by social problems which may lead them to involve in criminal acts. Such people need special care and ethical treatment. There are some courses in behavior studies to deal with the victims of impaired behavior. Certificate in Behavior Analysis is offered by many institutes. Online courses are also available for this certificate. Saint Joseph’s University is best for this course.

Special Education Certification Courses

4) Post Graduate Diploma in Developmental Therapy (Physical and Neurological)
This eligibility for getting this diploma is to have master degree in special education. The purpose of this course is to train about new neurological and physical disorders due to chromosomal aberrations or genetic disability. Persons having this diploma are able to cure these disorders by speech therapy or physical exercises. This is a multiple education course which enables a person to diagnose and treat multiple disabilities. This course is also offered by National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with /multiple Disabilities (INDIA).

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5) M.Ed in Special Education-Hearing Impairment
M.Ed is a master in education program which is offered after completion of bachelors. M.Ed special education-Hearing impairment refers to the two year course in special education with the specialization in Hearing Impairment. The person who gets this certificate is able to teach and educate the children or adults with hearing disability. This course enables a person to have command over teaching the students with hearing impairment. Many universities offer this course for example IGNOU (The peoples University) offers this course.

6) Graduate Certificate for Special Education
This course is offered by hundreds of institutes in the world. The purpose of this course is to prepare a team of experienced and fresh people to cope with the increasing demand of special educators. The person having this certificate is able to treat different children or adults with different types of disabilities. Graduate Certificate in Special Education covers the multiple areas so that the person having this qualification can teach every type of disable person.

7) M.A Special Education (multiple disorders)
Master of Arts (M.A) in special education is the two year degree offered by many universities and institutes. This course enables a person to have command over treating different disabilities for example hearing disability, visual disability, learning disability etc. The most demanding qualification by special education schools and colleges is M>A special education. Now-a-days the most standard type of this course is offered by St Mary’s University Minnesota.

Types of Special Education Certification Courses

8) Diploma in treating Learning Disabilities
Learning disorder is a very problematic issue for children and their parents. Sometimes, this problem arises due to environmental stress and lasts forever but some children suffer from this problem from early childhood. There are different methods to treat both type of learning disorders. This diploma enables a person to treat the children with this disability. Teachers should treat children differently to avoid any disability in Children.

9) Graduate Certificate in Differentiated Instruction
This certificate is offered by Graceland University to teach the way of instructions. This certificate is especially for the teachers who work in some special education school or college. This is a 15 hour course but plays a very important role in the ability and success of a special educator. The Graceland university also offers a master degree program in special education.

10) The course to handle cognitive disabilities
Cognitive disabilities refer to the mental condition with lack of understanding and getting knowledge especially reading disability. Some children and adults are not able to rad correctly or they do so much mistakes while reading. Such children and people need special counselling to reduce or eliminate this problem. Many institutes like Vanderbilt University offer courses to treat cognitive disabilities to provide a solution of this mental condition.

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