Top Adult Education Programs and Institutes

Best Adult Education Programs and Institutes

Adult education Programs is necessary?

Adult education is necessary in many aspects. When a person is not able get education due to unfavorable conditions and unfriendly circumstances, he may get trouble to move in the society. Some people are really ambitious to get education but they cannot complete their education due to some reasons. Continuing education programs and adult education programs are for such people who want to study, who want to get educated. It is observed that many people in villages do not understand the value of education therefore the literacy rate in villages is low as compared to cities. The people living in rural areas also need to be educated because they are the key contributors in the economy and development of a country.

People can now get education at any level of their life but they may get trouble in learning. Adult education programs are organized in such a way that everyone can be able to learn, read and write. Continuing education programs or distance learning programs are the education programs for the people who have studied at some level but now that want to continue their education and get some higher degree. Here we have compiled a short list of Top Adult Education Programs and institutes in different countries for your information:

Adult Education Programs

Adult High School Ottawa

Adult High School of Ottawa is one of the best adult education schools where the strength of students is round about 1200. This school is located in Ottawa Canada and built entirely for adults. It was founded in 1983 so it is one of the oldest adult education centers. Students must be older than 18 years to get admission there. People with disabilities like physical or mental disorders can also take admission there. Different courses are also offered there including the language courses and different skills.

Berkeley Adult School

Berkeley Adult School is the co-campus of Berkeley Unified School District. It was established in 1922 as the evening school in California and now it is famous for adult education center. Different courses including Technical education courses are offered by the school. People from different regions can join this school.

New Haven Adult School

New Haven Adult School is an adult education program in Union City California. It was established in 1967 as Logan adult school as a program is James Logan High school. Different courses are offered by this school like: High school diploma completion and GED preparation Courses, English-language learning courses and a citizenship class, Certificate programs for health care, office and service occupation, community courses in computer use, health and fitness and job preparation, Various classes for adults over age 55, Driver’s education and traffic school and broadly targeted program for qualifying families with children under age 7.

Adult Education Programs

Adult Education Programs India

There is a separate department working for adult education in India. The department of School education and literacy is playing a leading role in the promotion of adult education under the ministry of Human Resource Development, government of India. The mission of this department is to illuminate every home with the light of knowledge and education. A series of programs has been introduced to get the prominent success in the enhancement of literacy rate in India.

Adult Education Programs and Training by Colorado State University-Online

Colorado State University offers a number of programs for adult education and training. The specificity of this program is that it provides online courses and training sessions. This institute offers a great deal of courses for adults so that they can improve their skills and polish their career. The courses offered online at Colorado State University are:

  • Adult Basic Education
  • Adult Education Programs
  • Athletic coaching
  • Corporate Training
  • Emergency Medical Services education
  • English as second language instruction
  • Health Education
  • Outdoor Education and many other fields involving adult education

More advanced programs are:

  • Adult Learning Theory
  • Instructional Design
  • Methods of Instruction
  • Learning technologies
  • Learning Transfer
  • Program Assessment

PACADE (Pakistan Association for Continuing and Adult Education Programs )

PACADE is an organization working in Pakistan for many years. The purpose of this organization is to create awareness and understanding of education in farther and remote areas especially. It is working for adult education to reduce the illiteracy rate of Pakistan and Asia. This organization offers many different cpurses to get answer of any question.

UNESCO Education for all Program

UNESCO (United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization) offers many programs for sustainable development and adult education promotion. The purpose of its educational programs is to cause awareness for getting education and use their abilities in a better way. These programs include: Distance Education in Europe, Confintea Scholarships, Adult learning and education etc at The UNESCO institute for lifelong learning.

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