What Can You do with a Hospitality Course?

The hospitality management industry is one of the fastest growing domains in the world. In fact, as per the latest figures from the German Consulate, the value of the hospitality industry in Germany increased from € 52.5 billion in 2017 to € 57.5 billion in 2018 with a growth percentage of almost 9.5%. The industry is a hotspot of different sub-domains and niches employing millions across the globe.

Owing to the growing global presence of the hospitality industry and the integration of the latest trends from other industries, there is a plethora of career options in this domain. Read this blog to learn more about the benefits of pursuing a degree in hospitality and the career scope in the hospitality domain.

What can you do with a hospitality course?

What can you do with a hospitality course?

Why should you pursue a hospitality degree?

Pursuing a hospitality degree can help you unlock the diverse career options in the hospitality management industry and use your expertise to exceed in a well-paying position. Pursuing a career in this domain can open up many opportunities to rub shoulders with the rich and the famous, meet new people every day and improve your communication and networking skills. It also broadens your horizons and sensitizes you towards diverse races and cultures.

A master’s in hospitality management would help in developing your professional skills and contributing towards your personal development. Apart from the obvious benefits like a chance to travel on the job and opportunities to work at exotic locations, it can also make you a kinder, warmer and more empathetic person. If you are creative and revel in mounting uncharted territories, a job in this domain can provide you the flexibility and freedom to grow into your career.

What are the different career scopes of the hospitality industry?

This multi-billion dollar industry has a broad category of sub-domains and niches that generate thousands of jobs globally. The career scopes in this industry can be roughly categorized into the following:

  • Food and beverages: The food and beverage industry constitutes the largest part of the hospitality domain and includes all the restaurants, catering companies, food trucks and fast-food outlets. Common professions in this niche include chefs, restaurant managers, catering managers, and menu designers.
  • Travel and tourism: The travel and tourism niche caters to the business and leisure travelers throughout the world. The sub-domain intersects with the transportation and logistics industry and aviation industry at several points. Common career roles include cabin crew, Tour guides, and travel coordinators.
  • Lodging or accommodation: Working closely with the travel and tourism industry, the lodging and accommodation industry provides a place to stay, relax, or business to all kinds of travelers in boutique hotels, youth hostels, apartment sub-lets, motels or even 7-star resorts. The niche includes roles such as hotel managers, resort managers, front office receptionists and housekeeping staff.
  • Recreation: This niche is relatively newer than the others and involves all those establishments that provide entertainment and recreation to people such as water parks, museums and zoos. This domain includes professions like amusement park directors and museum guides.

Apart from these interesting career options in the aforementioned niches, you can chart your own career path as per your aspirations if you are resourceful and hardworking. A bachelor’s or a master’s course in the subject can assist you further by providing a broad understanding of the industry and placement assistance. Enroll in a hospitality course today for a challenging and exciting career in the future.

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