5 Best Cloud Computing Courses to Make Your Career in IT Industry

In the present times, when more and more companies are adopting cloud computing technologies, they are more concerned about hiring IT professionals with cloud computing skills. Lots of new credentials are popping up each day and therefore, choosing a right cloud computing course has turned out to be a mandatory step if you want to pursue your career in the IT field.

There has been no other area in the IT sector that has generated as much hype as the cloud computing. Thus, the cloud computing courses attract considerable attention and coverage from the companies and certification providers who offer cloud related products. Cloud computing has also undergone a good deal of investment and interest in the IT industry. The cloud platform and infrastructure provides a wide range of services that are not only limited to large enterprises and corporations. Small and medium sized businesses are also served by cloud based applications with a lot of businesses who have been indicating new plans to buy cloud based solutions within the next few years. The cloud professionals if equipped with the latest technologies can expect a good earning. They would certainly receive a healthy income and thus, cloud architects are regarded as the biggest winners.

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Small businesses and enterprises continue adopting continue adopting latest cloud technologies at an accelerated rate. Hybrid cloud is presently on the rise and the experts agree that the public cloud market is gradually entering into a second wave that has been fuelled by enterprise adoption. There has been a large scale migration towards the cloud has been bolstered by investment from the enterprises and thus, it has turned out to be a brilliant opportunity for professionals who can successfully prove their cloud technology with some recognised certifications. Training, experience and certification are the three major attributes of an IT expert. Thus, you ought to look for the best cloud computing course that would help you grow your career in the IT zone. These courses are good enough to support an individual to gain the maximum knowledge that he or she would require enhancing the efficiency at work. So, if you are still wondering whether to take admission for such a course, yeah, you should definitely do it if you have been dreaming to get hold of a good job in the IT industry.

Here are some of the cloud computing courses that will help you pursue your ideal career in the IT sector:

1. Simplilearn cloud computing courses

It is one of the best cloud computing courses, Simplilearn offers an extensive training to the individuals helping them gain adequate knowledge to work with cloud based applications. It provides a high-quality access to the clients with self-paced contents, thereby offering them with the best resources. Its main motif is to improve the skills of a candidate in handling various kinds of cloud applications as well as services as per their own conveniences. The course is designed in a way to help learners gather an understanding of the principles as well as the uses of cloud computing. It also teaches them the ways to access, implement and manage the cloud based applications. It also teaches to avail security, compliance as well as evaluation of cloud computing. If you want to stand out as a valuable member in this field, you ought to avail this professional certification. Professionals such as manager, project manager, business analyst, technical architect and cloud consultant can access this course to learn the strategies for a successful cloud computing deployment.

2. Comp TIA Cloud+

It is recognised as the leading provider of vendor neutral certifications that issue around two million certifications from its portfolio. It works as a fantastic foray into the most appealing IT genre, the cloud technology. This certification is recognised as a robust certification that is aimed at professionals with experience. The learners achieving this technology’s certification will prove the expert’s knowledge of visualisation skills and vendor-neutral cloud computing prospects across several domains, such as virtualization, network management, infrastructure, cloud concepts and models, systems management security and business continuity. This could be classified as an ideal step in your career path.

3. AWS certified solutions

Amazon Web Services, commonly abbreviated as AWS offers three associate level certifications along with two professional level certifications. It offers an in-depth programming experience to the candidates. It aims at providing a good knowledge of AWS to the professionals, helping them to design as well as deploy highly scalable cloud based applications.

4. Cisco CCNA Cloud

CCNA would help a candidate know the stuff of an IT industry in a better way. Though CCNA Cloud has a good reputation and is considered as a tough certification that is often regarded as a hard one to achieve, and thus, it is worth the investment that it takes Irrespective of the fact where you go, working with Cisco equipment will certainly give a greater chance to work upon. Thus, Cisco sets the standard of the IT industry for the networking equipment. Learning this course will boost one’s knowledge regarding cloud deployments, end user support, cloud computing accesses and Unified computing system, which is commonly abbreviated as UCS. This course provides a comprehensive set of study materials along with classroom training.

5. Microsoft MCSE

This is an amazing cloud platform with a strong cloud infrastructure. It is also known as an advanced certification program that is meant to recognise the learner’s ability to manage the data centres. It also improves the candidate’s knowledge of systems and identifies management, virtualisation, storage and different other cloud based applications and technologies. It takes exams to enhance the efficiency of a candidate in developing, implementing and architecting the Microsoft Azure Infrastructure solutions. Microsoft has introduced quite a good number of initiatives to make sure that Azure appears to be more accessible to the professionals. The online courses are also known for being so useful for the learners that they could learn over a virtual platform.

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