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Cryptocurrency Withdrawal Options – How Can You Withdraw Cryptocurrency?

There are many options for withdrawing cryptocurrencies into fiat money. Let’s talk about some of them.

Crypto exchanges

A common and safe way to exchange .13 eth to usd is through conversion on a trading platform. You can transfer cryptocurrency to rubles on more than 40 crypto exchanges. They offer withdrawals to payment services (for example, WebMoney) or bank cards (Visa, Mastercard). This is a convenient and fast way to cash out funds. However, commissions can be higher than in online exchangers. You need to check the withdrawal conditions before making the operation.

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An important advantage of exchanges is liquidity. Trading platforms have large reserves of coins. The user will not have problems with the withdrawal, even if a significant amount is required to be exchanged.

Some platforms allow you to lock in the selling price by using a limit order. This is relevant due to the high volatility of digital assets – in the event of a sharp depreciation, financial losses will be prevented.

Exchange procedure

To withdraw 0.34 eth to usd, you need:

  • Open an internal wallet with a balance.
  • Select “Withdraw”.
  • Specify the cryptocurrency to be exchanged.
  • Choose a payment method.
  • Specify the details of a bank card or other payment system.
  • Enter confirmation code.
  • Wait for funds to arrive.

P2P exchanges

Peer-to-peer services allow traders to swap assets without the involvement of intermediaries. Counterparties can influence pricing and terms of transactions. This conversion method is completely decentralized. However, the absence of an intermediary who acts as a guarantor of the operation carries an additional risk.

A well-known P2P exchange is LocalBitcoins. The platform brings together sellers and buyers. To work on the exchange, you need to register an account. Using filters, a trader finds a seller with suitable conditions and makes a deal.

Telegram bots

Trading digital coins are available in the popular messenger. The sale of assets is similar to P2P exchanges. The user needs:

  • Find a Telegram bot.
  • Select “Sell” from the menu.
  • Read offers from providers.
  • Select the offer and payment method (bank cards, electronic wallets).
  • Operate and wait for the receipt of funds.
  • If necessary, withdraw money from the card.


You can cash out digital assets in special terminals. They are similar to ATMs in appearance and principle of operation. The conversion rate corresponds to exchange platforms. However, transaction fees often exceed 5%. In Russia, crypto maps are not common, so it is difficult to find such a terminal. The disadvantage of this method is the risk of losing funds by using a fraudulent device.

Cryptocurrency plastic cards

Several projects, such as Revolut and Amon, have launched their payment instruments. These are analogs of bank cards but linked to digital accounts. The conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat occurs automatically when the user pays in a store or website.

Exchange in person

A rare high-risk way to convert cryptocurrencies to fiat is a cash transaction. By doing this, you can lose money. An unfamiliar partner can appropriate coins, revise the course, or hide. Exchange in person can only be carried out with trusted people.

Recommendations for withdrawing cryptocurrencies into real money

A few tips for safely cashing out bitcoins:

  • Read comments and reviews of other traders before choosing a service.
  • Find out the exchange rate, and site commissions.
  • Test different services and choose the most convenient one.

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