Importance of Swimming


“The seven seas are spread across,
Mighty blue,
To swim across.”

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Animals are usually born with the capability of moving across the waters. When a human child is born it has the same capabilities. However, as we increase in age and brains, the ability to swim becomes a task that has to be learned. Proper training must be given in order to assure that we stay afloat and balance our body in the water. Some people never learn the art of swimming which gives them the fear of water. Mastering this easy and tough skill can be extremely helpful in your coming years or unexpected situations.

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Swimming can be for many different reasons. They include personal safety, rescuing others, exercise, recreation and leisure. The most important reason for swimming is to safeguard oneself. Surviving in water is not an easy job. You are likely to find yourself near a boat, cruise or island and come under circumstances where you will have to swim. Rescue missions are other are branching out from swimming. Nearly 200 people die every year in our country because of drowning alone. Do not play when you have a chance to save a life. Swimming helps you to become their hero. Drowning is considered to be the second highest cause for death amongst children less than 14 years. Health issues are another arena of swimming. Swimming helps to prevent strokes according to a doctors survey. The heavy usage of your muscles gives you a training to built your strength and brain functioning. The water provides a resistance that helps in your training. The water also helps you to cool down your heated body. Another way swimming is used is for recreation. Swimming is the right kind of recreation that most of our lazy lives need. It is a great way of socializing on a weekend with our friends. With a refreshed mind and the water that cools your body, you emerge as a new leaf. You miss out a huge portion of your life if you miss out swimming.

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Teaching a kid how to swim is the best gift you can give your child. At that young age, it may not look important. But it is definitely going to be useful for them on the long run. Parents tale special interest in making their kid be the best. Swimming is a weapon used in this process. Swimming is also taken up as a major profession as many. They can be seen as instructors, life guards, divers etc.

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Health hazards have taught us that cardio vascular system must be well fit to keep the entire body fit. And swimming is a definite escape from any hazard that may darken your path. It helps us to exercise those lazy limbs and remove any excess fat in your arms and legs. Physically conscious people are much bothered about the time they spend in water. The more swimming they do, they better they look and the better they feel. Indeed swimming has its own stand and nothing can replace that art.

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