Indian Institute of Science (IISC) Review

Indian Institute of science (IISC) was established in 1909 in Banglore. The purpose of this institution at that time was to educate Indian youth and familiarize them with modern sciences. IISC has successfully gained its goal and now striving for excellence. IISC has the service of 106 years to educate people of India.IISc

Departments of IISC

IISC has total six divisions which collectively have 43 departments. The divisions of IISC are: 1) Division of Biological sciences 2) Division of Chemical sciences 3) Division of mechanical sciences 4) Division of interdisciplinary research 5) Division of Electrical sciences 6) Division of Physical and Mathematical sciences. Another division is directly working under the supervision of director. These Divisions are working under the highly qualified Faculty and staff.

Fee structure of IISC

IISC has very affordable fee structure for Indian Students. The fee structure change every year but it is always in the favor of students. Fee for undergraduate programs is less than the graduate programs. IISC fee ranges from 37000 to 60,000 INR. You can check fee structure from official website of IISC.

Degree levels at IISC

IISC offers undergraduate programs, Graduate/master level degrees, PhD programs and integrated PhD programs in different disciplines. All these degrees and programs are registered and IISC has full authority to hold these degrees.

Facilities at IISC

IISC provides many facilities for its students, like provision of quality education, library access, digital library, e journal and academic research. Research opportunity at IISC is a big attraction for students. Students can access their academic details on internet via specific login. Hostel and health care facilities and Ladies corner are also available at IISC.

Quality at IISC

The first preference of IISC is quality of education. Therefore all the faculty and staff is highly educated and trained. Students has free hand to take help from their teachers even after the academic hours. A committee is also working to keep check on the quality of education.

Course Programs

IISC also offer different course other than regular programs. These courses include M tech and M mgt courses. The purpose of these courses is to train the students and fulfil their academic needs.

Why to choose IISC

IISC is the best institute of science in Bangalore which is serving nation from 106 years. It was the first institution in Bangalore who searched for the talent and educated the talented youth. The quality of education and struggle for excellence make best for studies.

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