Jamia Hamdard University New Delhi Review

Jamia Hamdard (JH) is one of the best institutes located in New Delhi. In 1906, Hakim Abdul Majeed started a Greek medicine based clinic and named it “hamdard”. Hamdard means “showing sympathy and relieving pain”. After Hakim Abdul Majeed, his son Hakim Abdul Hameed became the owner of this clinic and brought many improvements in the field of Unani (Greek) medicine. The purpose of this clinic was to improve the area of medicine and to combine science and a Greek way of medicine. Hamdard clinic was transformed into deemed institute in 1989 and approved grade” A” institute by the government of India.



JH Delhi is specially working in the field of medicine, but it also offers many other subjects. The university is divided into 8 faculties including: Faculty of science, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Allied health studies, Faculty of Islamic studies and social sciences, Faculty of Engineering and interdisciplinary sciences, Faculty of Management studies and information Technology and Department of sciences HIMSR and HAHC hospital. All these faculties and departments are working very efficiently in different fields of medical and pharmacy. The role of Jamia Hamdard is very important especially in the field of medicine.

Academic programs/Courses

JH Delhi is offering many degree programs in different fields. Bachelor of medicine and Bachelor of Science in different subjects is offered the university. Undergraduate post graduate and PhD programs are also offered in different subjects. Other than degree programs, JH also offers some short terms courses to train people in some specific fields. You can find the list of all courses here:

Fee structure

JH is an institution which was founded for the welfare and help of mankind and the purpose of this university is to educate youth in different field so that they can play their role in future. So the fee structure of JH is very flexible for students and their parents. Scholarships for talented students are also offered by Jamia Hamdard. The university provided support for the students who cannot afford their educational expenses. For this purpose, university provides monthly stipend for the deserving students.


Research facilities at JH Delhi are established according to the requirements of MS and PhD students. JH also contributes in the national development in the field of medicine. Some centers have been constructed to conduct research in different fields of science. JH has collaborations with different institutes and international organizations to improve the standard of research. Well equipped and well designed labs are the attraction for a researcher. You can find more information about research at JH by following the link:


JH tries to provide every facility for students and workers so that they easily perform different activities without any burden. Highly qualified professors and faculty members are always there to help and support students. The facility of hostel and accommodation is provided on very low cost and rent. There are separate hostels for girls and boys with comfortable living facilities. The facility of mosque is also available in addition to a community center. Library of JH has a vast variety of books and journals which are available for all students and faculty members to encourage the habit of reading.

Why to join Jamia Hamdard

Jamia Hamdard is one of the renowned universities who teach a variety of subjects especially medicine. If you have a plan to study medicine or other sciences then Jamia Hamdard is a best institute in Delhi. Foreign students are also welcomed at JH. The big plus point is that students are encouraged to learn and spread knowledge.

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