Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Review

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Indian institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR) is the oldest institute in Roorkee which was founded in 1847. This institute was established by the British government in 1847 as the college of civil engineering. In 1948, the college of civil engineering was ranked as the University of Roorkee and given the name “Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee” thus becoming the 7th institute of technology of India. The purpose of this institute is to meet the challenges of engineering and technology and to play a role in the technology development of India.


Departments / Divisions

IITR has 21 departments covering the subjects of biotechnology, engineering, humanities, social sciences, advanced Technology and management sciences. All these departments are well established and have well educated highly qualified faculty. Research facilities are also available in all the departments according to the need of subject. Alternative hydro energy center and center if Nanotechnology is also working at the institute to meet the international standards of advanced research and technology. Full list of departments is available here:

Academic programs/ Degree programs

IITR offers wide range of subjects for undergraduate, Graduate and post graduate programs. These programs include 16 year education equivalent to graduation according to the international scheme of study. MS and Mphill programs after graduation and PhD programs after Ms or Mphill are there to promote the higher education and to meet the international standards of education. Other side courses and continuing education programs are also offered by the institute.

Fee structure

IITR is the public sector institute therefore it offers very suitable and affordable fee structure. The fee for all the degree programs is very flexible for students to facilitate them and encourage them to get higher education. Scholarships are available for intelligent and talented students. Financial aid is also available for the students from week background or having some disability. Concessions and fellowships are there to facilitate the students so that they can continue their research and education without any burden.


Different research programs are going well at the institute. The research activities at IITR are divided into two categories: Departmental research and Research Academic Centers and Sponsored Research and industrial Consultancy. There is forum established for the student teacher interaction for knowledge and innovation. IITR also offers the opportunities for its students to complete their research projects at international universities or institutes. For this purpose, IITR offers scholarships,  grants and fellowships for students and researchers.


IITR offers many facilities for students and researchers for the promotion of research and education. The facility of accommodation, clubs, transport, library, digital library etc are well established to provide a friendly and stress free environment.

Why IITR is best

IITR is the best institute for the students who are seeking admission in Undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral programs. Well established infrastructure and highly equipped labs are the plus point of IITR. High qualified and supportive faculty is the pride of IITR so students can acquire education in a very friendly environment.

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