Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) Review

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) is one of the prestigious institutes of India is in the top 200 universities of the world according to QS ranking. This institute was established in 1959 for the purpose of technological education in India. With the passage of time, IITD became the best institute for technology education in India. The aim of IITD is to make a higher place in the technology world and to provide quality education to students.

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Departments/ Divisions

IITD has 13 departments with different visions and missions. The Departments include applied mechanics, Biochemical department, chemical department, chemistry department, Civil Department, Computer science Department, Electrical department, Humanities Department, Department of management sciences, department of mathematics, Mechanical Department, Physic department and textile department. Centers of Excellence include Bioinformatics and Computational biology, and Cyber systems and Information assurance. All of these departments are offering different research areas and subjects.

Degree Programs

IITD offers Undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral, Interdisciplinary and Quality Improvement and Continuing Education Programs. QIP and CEP (Quality improvement and continuing education programs) offer people to continue their education or improve their skills by joining these programs which can help them to get higher position even during their job.

Research Facilities

IITD provides excellent research facilities in different fields. IITD has also achieved many distinctions in the field of technology. Many running projects are also passing in from completion phase. For example the department of Biochemical engineering is playing a very important role in the field of Molecular tools and working on targeted genome engineering. All other departments are also doing very good in their specific fields.


IITD provides many facilities to promote education and research. Because research is compulsory to get high quality education and knowledge therefore IITD has established research centers like nanoscale research center and a central research facility. Nanoscale research center is working on the new technology i.e. Nanotechnology. It also provides access to many e-books, e-journals and software with the collaboration of INDEST.

Student’s life at IITD

Students of IITD are lucky to have high standard facilities of education. There are many activities for students at the campus like IITD sports, Entrepreneurship, Board of Student Publications, Board of Recreational activities, Robotics Club, and different training programs. These activities for students polish them and enable them to play their positive role in the development of their country.

Fee structure

IITD is a public sector institute which provides equal educational facilities for all students. There is no discrimination between rich and poor, therefore it offers affordable fee package for students suitable for both students and their parents. IITD also provide scholarships to talented and needy students. You can check the fee structure for some programs here:

Last words

Technology education is the need of the day and students are also interested to get higher education in different fields of engineering technology. IITD can be the best choice for students with eager to get knowledge. The plus point of IITD is that it has facilities of research in modern techniques like nanotechnology.

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