Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) Review

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) Review : IIT Kanpur is one of the old institutes of India which was established in 1959. This is the one of those institutions who is performing very well in the field of technology. The basic aim of this public sector organization and renowned institute is to work in the field of technology and introduce new ways to solve technology problems. This institute was established by the assistance of Kanpur Indo-American Program by the collaboration of nine universities and institutes of America.

IIT kanpur

Departments/ divisions

There are five divisions working in IIT Kanpur with many departments related to technology and advanced sciences. Divisions include Engineering, science, humanities, management and Design. Interdisciplinary departments like Environmental engineering, Laser technology, nanotechnology, earth science and material science program are also working at IIT Kanpur. The purpose of all these divisions and departments is to play their role in technology world and to make Indian basis strong in technology research. You can find the list of departments here:

Fee structure

Despite of high quality education and research facilities, IIT Kanpur has very feasible fee package for Indian students. IIT Kanpur has an aim to promote education equally for all students therefore it makes education easier by providing affordable fee packages. Scholarship awards are also available for needy and talented students in all disciplines to haunt the best talent. You can check the details of scholarships here:

Academic programs

IIT Kanpur offers undergraduate and post graduate programs for all disciplines. It also offers continuing education programs and diplomas to help those people who want to continue their education. IIT Kanpur posts its academic calendar every year and provides every detail of admissions and entrance for new degrees and courses. You can check the academic calendar here:


There are innumerable facilities available for students at IIT Kanpur to enhance the standard of education. IIT Kanpur provides the best research facilities for its students and encourages them to play their role in the development of technology. It also encourages its students to take part in different national and international conferences and to attend seminars. Hostel facility is also available on affordable rents for the students who come from far areas. International relations of IIT Kanpur is a very good facility for students to get extra knowledge by visiting international research centers. Digital library of IIT Kanpur is a big source of academic information and assistance. Students are also facilitated by the provision of high standard laboratories.

The Last Word

Students usually like those institutions that are more supportive for students and IIT Kanpur is one of those institutions. The advance research innovations make it distinct from other institutions. Government of India has also declared IIT Kanpur as the best technology institute of India.

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