Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IITKGP) Review

Indian Institute of technology Kharagpur

Indian Institute of technology Kharagpur (IITK) is the pioneer institute of technology in India which was established in 1951. It is the first technology institute of India while the second one is IITB. The aim of this institute is to promote engineering and technological education. When this institute was established, the quality of engineering education was not meeting the standards but IITK struggled and made a good position of India in the race of technology world.

Indian Institute of technology Kharagpur

Departments at IITK

IITK has 19 departments, 7 centers and 8 schools are working in the educational environment.Almost all disciplines of engineering are present at IITK including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, ocean engineering, and electrical engineering, mining engineering etc. other disciplines of technology like Biotechnology, Agriculture and food technology, humanities etc are also working very efficiently. All of these disciplines are also further divided into subunits according to the research projects. To view the list of all departments, Open the link  in your browser.

Research Facilities

Research facilities at IITK are more than excellent. Students are allowed to work in labs even after the academic hours. IITK has well established technology labs, Information technology centers, Computer and IT labs, food safety and agriculture research labs, media lab, central workshop and instrument services. These high standard and certified lab facilities enable students to complete their research without any trouble. Fresh students are also allowed to work freely in labs.

Academic Programs

IITK offers great academic facilities and efficient academic programs. It also awards professional degrees so that the students can then make their position in practical world. Undergraduate, Master level and PhD programs are offered by the institution. Other programs include distance learning and continuing education programs.

Facilities at IITK

Many facilities are available for students to support them in studies. These facilities include internet, library, digital library, community center, counseling facility, healthcare, residential facilities and many more. The aim of IITK is to promote quality education, and it is only possible if students are relaxed and their minds are fresh. Cafeteria for students fulfils the all food safety and hygiene levels. Extracurricular activities are also there to refresh the students and to develop a sense of sportsmanship in students.

Educational/academic activities

Different educational events and academic activities are also organized at institutional, national and international levels. IITK also provide a facility to attend international conferences and trainings to introduce them with the developing technology world. IITK also organizes seminars and conferences on new development and techniques in technology.

Why to join IITK

If someone asks that “why to join IITK” then the answer is very simple “quality, commitment and love for knowledge”: highly qualified faculty, hardworking staff and committed researchers are always there to help you.

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