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Study in Canada! How and Why?


  • Why should I study in Canada?
  • What will be my future after studying in Canada?
  • What are the benefits of getting education from Canada?
  • What is the standard of education in Canada?
  • How can I apply for study in Canada?
  • What is the ranking of Canadian colleges.universities?
  • From where I can get information about study in Canada?
  • What are the opportunities for foreign students in Canada?
  • Is there any scholarship for studying in Canada?



Canada is a country with a lot of natural resources and blessings. It has Pacific Ocean in the west, Atlantic Ocean in the east and Arctic Ocean in the north. It touches the border of United States in the south and in the Northwest. Canada is blessed with four seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring. This second largest country of the world is enriched with natural beauty and landscape: high mountains, deep forests, beautiful lakes, frozen lands, perfect flora and fauna, thus every beauty of the nature can be found in Canada. The capital of Canada is Ottawa, which includes in most developed cities of the world. Peoples from different religions and ethnic groups are living in Canada. The currency of Canada is Canadian dollar, and one Canadian dollar is equal to 50,02 INR.

Apply to Canadian Colleges

Canada is a country with a number of best colleges and universities. Applying to Canadian colleges is very easy and the students just have to follow a simple procedure.

  • Select a subject of your interest
  • Search for Canadian colleges/universities that are best in that specific subject
  • Select 2 or 3 colleges/universities
  • Check the procedure and schedule of admission
  • Apply for admission by completing all the requirements of admission
  • Wait for the response but do not waste time and continue completing your documents like passport etc and gather Visa information
  • After confirmation of admission, apply for Study Visa
  • Inform university/college, and plan your arrival

You must try for admission in 2 or 3 colleges/ universities at a time so if you are rejected from one college/university, then you have a chance of getting admission in other.


Cost of study

The cost of study in Canada is very reasonable than other developed countries. You need to spend 15,000 to 30,000 Canadian dollars to study in Canada. Different colleges and universities have different fee structure according to the degree and field of study. For example, the cost of undergraduate studies in Ontario ranges from $9,107 to 25,800, while the cost of study in Manitoba ranges from $6,050 to 13,417. Students can also apply for scholarships to meet the cost of study. There are many scholarships available for study in Canada offered by Canadian government, some Canadian colleges/universities and some national or international scholarships. You can update yourself with the latest scholarships .

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Employment prospectus

Canada is in the top list of developed countries and offers a number of job opportunities in different fields of life. National international firms and multinational companies are working in Canada which provides the big job opportunities every year. IF you are a student in Canada and passing through the last procedures of degree completion then you should keep yourself update about jobs. Canadian degree is acceptable all over the world and implements a very good impact on a student’s career. If you have completed your study from Canada then you have a 100% chance of getting job instantly in your own country and of you want to do job in Canada then you must keep yourself update about recent job openings.

Canadian Visa and Immigration

The process of getting Canadian Visa and immigration is very flexible than getting immigration or Visa of other countries. Canada welcomes the people from any region of the world, without following strict laws. The native population of Canada is very less therefore Canada is a mixture of different religions and ethnic groups. Therefore the process of getting Canadian Visa and immigration is easy and less time consuming. If you are going to Canada for study then you should apply for Study Visa so that you can get benefits of being a student. All the information about Canadian Visa and immigrations  can be gathred by following these links.

Embassy Details

Canada and India has very close relations and strong basis of friendship. There is a strong people to people relationship between India and Canada. The high commission of Canada (embassy) is located in New Delhi Punjab while sub-offices are also present in some other parts of the country. All the details about Visa and immigration can also be gathered from Canadian Embassy India. The phone number of Canadian embassy India is 91 (11) 4178-2000.

Life at Canada

Canada is a country where you can enjoy all the facilities of life because it provides a very reasonable lifestyle. Anyone can enjoy life according to his own prospectus, there is no restriction about religion or sect in Canada, and so you just have to follow some rules and regulations to enjoy every color of life. Toronto is the biggest city of Canada which includes in ten most economically powerful cities of the world. If you visit Canada, you may feel it as your second homeland. You can find information about residence, hotels and food points of Canada.

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Colleges/Universities in Canada

The best international universities/colleges are the asset of Canada. According to QS rankings, Canadian universities come in the top lists. If you want to get information about schools and colleges in Canada.

The University of Toronto with a global score of 81.1, University of British Columbia with a score of 74.4, McGill University with a global score of 71.6 and University of Alberta with a global score of 65.1 are the top universities of Canada.

Consultants for Canada

When you have to get important information about Canadian Visa or you have to search for suitable college/university of Canada in your favor then you may have to consult some educated experienced person or company to get valid information. But you should use a proper channel and registered consultant. The best way is to contact embassy but in case you cannot contact embassy then you have to contact some consultants.

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