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Study in France, Why and How?

Study in France Related Questions

  • Why Study in France?
  • What is the scope of study in France?
  • What is the job prospectus after studying from France?
  • What is the cost of study in France?
  • Is there any scholarship for students who wants Study in France?
  • How can I apply for colleges/universities For Study in France?
  • What is the lifestyle in France?
  • Where is French embassy in India?
  • Who can guide me about getting admission in France?
  • What are the best colleges/universities in France?


Study in France, Why and how?

France is a sovereign state in Europe and plays a leading role in the development of the world. France is bordered by both Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and located in the west Europe. Paris, which is the most beautiful city of the world, is the capital of France. Paris is also called the “city of Perfume” and is the largest city of France. The official language of France is “French”, which one of the famous languages of the world is. France is the country with diversity in religions and ethnic groups, but the Roman Catholics covers the 85% of the population.  There are 10% Muslims, 2% Protestants and 1% Jewish living in France. The city of France, Paris is also famous for “Eiffel Tower”. France is one of the most developed countries of the world and therefore, the standard of education is higher than many other regions.

Apply to French colleges

France is blessed to have many institutes of international importance. Students from all over the world are welcomed to France for getting education in any discipline. For admission in high schools and colleges of France, students have to follow a simple procedure i.e. search for colleges, apply and apply for Visa. But of a student has a plan to go France for higher studies and to get a professional degree then student must have some research background and good academic record. To apply for graduate studies in France, follow this simple procedure:

  • Search for the college/university which suits you
  • Check the available subjects and choose the one with your interest or according to your research background
  • Check admission requirements and apply for admission
  • Remember to send your academic records and a convincing cover letter and tell about your qualities,
  • Wait for their reply and then after getting a positive response, apply for study Visa.

Study in France

Cost of Study in France

France provides the best costs for study there; the low fee cost is the specialty of France. Students get big benefits of studying in France. For undergraduate studies, mostly courses and colleges/universities cost no more than 181EUR per year. While master degree programs cost almost 250EUR per year, exceptions are only accepted in some engineering courses. PhD programs are completed at the cost of 380EUR per year. These costs are acceptable for public universities in France while, the cost for private universities may reach to 2000EUR. Despites this low cost, France also offers many scholarships for students. Government of France and different organizations offers many scholarship programs for students to complete their studies. You can get information about latest scholarships by following this link.

Employment prospectus

Everyone tries to get higher degree to get higher status in society. Students are keen to wards their career and try very hard to polish their career. If you have a plan of getting degree from France and doing job in India then you have 101% chance of getting job in India. If you have a plan of doing job in other European country then it is also good for your career because European countries will like to give a job to french degree holder. You can also get some excellent job even during your studies. Further information about job opportunities is available here.

French Visa and Immigration

The procedure for getting Visa and immigration for France is slightly difficult but not so troublesome. The applicant should ensure himself that he has no major health problems or abnormality. A student must keep himself away from criminal activities if he really wants to study in France. The rules and regulations are not very strict if they are followed by the students. The application for Visa should reach to the office through responsible means, so beware of frauds and fake people who try to capture and deceive the innocent people.

French Embassy in India

India has strong relationships with many countries and France is one of them. There are many MoUs signed between India and France. Therefore the embassy of France is peacefully working in India for many years. The French embassy is located in Chanakyapuri New Delhi. The contact number of embassy is 91 (11) 43196100. All the information about Visa, immigration, study Visa, work Visa etc can be gathered from French embassy.

Life at France

France has Paris as its capital and everyone knows about the importance of Paris. There are many beautiful places in France to visit for. Eiffel Tower which is the tower of international importance is the asset of France. Different ethnic groups are found in France so there is a very low intensity of conservation. The French people are proud of their assets and heritage and they always feel proud while talking about their heritage and achievements. But they are very friendly when someone talks about the importance of France in front of them, so if you are going to study in France then you must have some knowledge and information about France. It will be so good if you learn French language but it is not compulsory.

Colleges/Universities in France

The education standard in France is of worth importance. There are many colleges and universities of international level therefore students feel attraction about getting admission in France. Four universities of France are included in top 100 universities of the world. So if you are getting chance of admission in France then do not miss this great opportunity, it will be very good for your future. The research facilities in French colleges and universities are established according to the present needs of education and research. You can find the best universities in France on the website of QS Ranking and 4icu.

Consultants for France

When you are planning for admission in France, you need some guidance and information. This guidance and information can be gathered from different consultants for France working in India. These consultants are experienced and qualified persons, but beware of fraudulent acts. The best way of finding some consultant is to ask from a person who is already in France, so ask him about the consultants in India, he can guide you better. Otherwise, The Chopras are best consultants in India. you may also contact to jupiter consultants or IPC.

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