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10 Reasons Why School Crushes Are the Best

  10 Reasons Why School Crushes Are the Best

10 Reasons Why School Crushes Are the Best : The best part of life is student life and school life is the best part of student life. The memories that were made in school can never be forgotten. Everything seems to be good during school days; we enjoy the time and spend it with the best fellows. The school time is the time of our innocence; we take everything very honestly and sincerely, because as young ones, we don’t know the frauds and bad deeds of this world. So, the crushes we had at the school times are the best and they have paved on our minds. These memories can never be flushed out. Here we are going to explain 10 reasons that why school Crushes are the best, based on experience.

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10 Reasons Why School Crushes Are the Best

#1 You start going school regularly

You became a regular student at school just because you want to see your crush daily. You might have got a regular student prize at the prize distribution ceremony. Give thanks to your crush.

School Crushes

#2. You tried to sit next to your crush

That rushing of you towards the seat next to your crush, it is sweet memory in your mind. You might felt proud if you got seat next to your crush.


#3.  First steps to “growing up”

When you see someone and feel something different, it means you are growing up. This is your crush who tells you that you are growing up.

10 Reasons Why School Crushes Are the Best

#4. You acted silly and looked weird sometimes

Those moments when you were really silly and acted weirdly, you can never forget those moments. Now you may laugh by reminding those moments but they were the precious ones.


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#5. That efforts you done just to look good

You might have passed from that confusions that you are not looking good. So you might have tried hard to look good. For this purpose you tried new garments, new cosmetics etc.


#6. You were always teased by your friends

Those awesome moments when your friends teased you and poked you because of your crush. You might have showed anger on your friends but honestly you enjoyed those moments.


#7. Whenever you see something romantic, you thought about your crush

Whenever you watched some movie, or see something romantic, you reminded about your crush. You thought your crush in front of you and your dreams were the best at that time.


#8. Planning to tell them everything

Those moments when you made plans to tell them everything you feel about him/her. All you’re planning, and all your words wiped away in front of them. Those moments, those confusions were the best.


#9. Purest feelings without any greed

School age crushes, lovely feelings were the best because you loved without any greed and without any demand. That age was so innocent that your feelings were really pure and clean.


#10. You learned that, life goes on, no matter what

Your school life crush, taught you that no matter what, life goes on. There are many moments in life when you feel lost but, you recovered. Everything happens for a good purpose.


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School time and teenage is the best to make best memories. If you are a student yet, then enjoy your time as much as you can and make such memories which will remind you the best times. Everyone has a crush at some stage of life, that crush can become the part of your life if your feelings are really pure.

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