At some point of our lives, we might have wanted to do something but never did. It later gave you a heart that ached and the desire to do it added with the regret of not doing it at the right time. Here are 10 regrets that you have had as you walk in this journey called life:


1# Being Workaholic:


This is one of the prime problems that many have. Due to this they forget to keep touch with friends and folks and end up being alone.


2# Not standing up to bullies:


Many of us have been bullied. We were those scared and puny kids who were afraid to stand up to that burger eating boy or that pink glitter girl. Looking back, it would have been a life lesson for your kids if you had stood up.


3# Art of Worrying:


We might get tensed quickly for the silliest reason. We might think and over think and turn a happy moment to a horrendous disaster.


4# Living the Life:


We all live a forged life that has been written by the society. Only a few show the courage to breakout from this circle.


5# What others Think:


We often worry and waste half of our lives imagining what others think of us. Well it is just going to set a forest fire to you and your heart for no reason at all.


6# Chasing the unwanted:

The Unwanted 2

We run behind things which may sound way important at that very second. Looking back you missed a huge portion of your life and instead ran behind something or someone who werent even bothered.


7# The Procrastination:


You said you will do it next time. But the next time never came.


8# No expression:


Not able to express what you feel is the worst regret ever. If you want to say something or do something, just do it. Do not wait for a better chance.


9# Being happy:


When you wear the mask the society gives you, you forget to keep yourself happy. It gives you pain, anguish and agony.


10# Leaving the Love:


In search of the better future, we often ruin things that are very close to us. We destroy relations and run behind materialistic future.


At the end of this show called life, close your eys in peace with no regrets. Be sure you live every moment and enjoy every second.


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