10 Things You Can Understand If You Are Not A Not So Girly Type Girl


Girls are considered to be very girly (or vey pink colour type) and expect to be so. However, we have a set of cow girls in town who wants to rewrite history. Here are 1o things that you can understand if you are not a not so girly type girl:

Pink is not favourite:

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Since you are a girl, people assume to that pink is your favourite colour which is a definite NO.

You hate the people who make emojis:

images (74)
All the girl emojis is wearing a pink frock which is definitely annoying your brain so much that you nearly report most of the apps.

You prefer boots than heels:

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With a reason being comfortable in your own skin, you prefer to slip into boots than hurts your toes and heels in that 6 inch heels.

You dislike flowing gowns:

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You rather strut around in jeans and a t shirt than wear a gown to a prom night.

You have more guy friends:

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Hanging around girls does not make you comfortable. You feel more energetic and lively when you hang around boys.

You hate drama:

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You are not a drama artist and you do not like one. Drama is the last thing you want in your life that is easy and happy.

You are everyones Bro:

images (78)
People address as you as their bro. it makes you feel important and you like being called so.

You hate girl jokes:

images (76)
You fume up when people end their lines with because you are a girl. kind of jokes. That would possibly be their last day.

Move on than mopping over sadness:

images (77)
You tend to forget and move on rather than over thinking about the situation. You can think practically and you make yourself believe that it is over and that there is no use of thinking about it.

When your gift reveals to be a dress or a girl perfume:

images (73)
You completely loose your mind when people gift you the wrong item. You advice them after opening the gift that never to send you anymore gifts.

It is okay to be the kind you want to be. Break society norms. Create history.

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