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10 Things That Geeks Ask Google When They Are Numbingly Bored

10 Things Geeks Ask Google When They Are Numbingly Bored

Things Geeks Ask Google When They Are Numbingly Bored : You can ask Google anything and everything. Be it fixing a broken clock or why your girlfriend is not talking to you, it has answers for everything. However one particular section of the society takes immense interest in Google when they are extremely bored. Geeks. Geeks have a special connection with Google. These silent brains are not very socially active but very active over the Web.

Things Geeks Ask Google When They Are Numbingly Bored

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Following are 10 weird yet funny things that geeks ask Google:

1# Why am I single?

One of the most sought questions in Google server. After why am I lazy, highlights the geekiness of the person who searched that particular question. Maybe staying at home and playing GTA is not going to give you more than a virtual girlfriend.

2# How to talk to people?

images (37)
Have never had a conversation before? You just talk. There is no how! I have a bad feeling that these questions are typed in a well developed baby with no teeth yet; and WikiHow gives you 8 steps to support your question.

3# Is Hogwarts Real?

images (38)
Good question. They have one created at Universal Studios where you can go without the invitation letter. *Sniff. Magic is real in this unreal world.

4# Why are there 7 days in a week?

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Uhh. I do not know how to answer that. Practically the year is given a set of 7 as the basic division like how your grandma counts and gives you and your siblings, the chocolates. You get 7. No less. No more.

5# Why is that spider staring at me?


Wow. Google will definitely have an answer for that. Spiders are pretty good at staring challenge by the way.

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6# How much does it cost to go to Mars?

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Mission to Mars needs physical experience other than typing out of the box questions in Google.

7# Is there really a bacon shortage predicted for 2016?

images (41)
So far we are doing well. So nop. Not yet.

8# How to hide a dead body?

I think google needs a separate section where we can dial up the emergency and the police department immediately.

9# How do I Google something?

Shame that you never knew that secret. What else don’t you know? How to type?


10# Where is my second sock?

Seriously? You expect Google to know that?
Google results: Second Sock Syndrome.

I arrest my case. Google is unbeatable. Ask Google something today! Make yourself feel lucky or mostly stupid !

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