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Salary of a Special Education Teacher with a Master’s Degree

Salary of a Special Education Teacher with a Master’s Degree

Salary of a Special Education Teacher with a Master’s Degree : Special education means that the educating those who have some disabilities and cannot act like normal people. Such persons need special care and treatment. Everyone has the right of getting education and special people are not deprived of that right. So there are many centers established to educate the special people with any disability. Many people, who feel pain for humanity and want to spend their life to serve humanity, chose the profession of special education teacher. There are many courses and certifications for special education to be a special education teacher. You can find the courses and certifications for special education here.

Salary of a Special Education Teacher with a Master's Degree

Money is the basic need of any person because all the other things like shelter, food and clothing depend upon money. So money is needed by every person even if he has a passion to serve mankind. Special education teachers are doing a very good work so it is their right to live a standard life therefore; there are standard scales of salary measurement for special education teachers. The salary of special education teachers depend upon their rank and degree. Here we are discussing about the salary of a special education teacher with a master’s degree.

Almost 197,740 special education teachers are working only in USA, other countries may have more. The special education teachers mostly work in elementary and secondary schools but there also graduate institutes for special education where teachers are required. A bachelor degree is usually required for the job of special education teacher but many people have got master degree to boost their career. Salaries of special education teachers vary depending upon the region, country and institute. The average salary of all special education teachers with a master degree is estimated $60,000 to $65,000 annually. This salary is estimated for all special education teachers of elementary, kindergarten or secondary institutes.

Salary in India

India is a country with the population of 1.25 billion people. There is a higher probability of disabilities according to the population but the probability of strength of special education teachers is also high. There are many people with the master degree in special education teaching so there must be a scale to provide salaries to these hardworking persons. The average salary of a special education teacher ranges from 22 INR to 32 INR per month. This is only an estimate so the salary of special education teachers also depends upon their experience, work and institute where they are working.

Salary in England

There is a huge demand of special education teachers in England. England is a very developed region but birth born problems cannot be eliminated from root so there are many centers to treat disabilities and reduce the pain of some disability. The salary of a special education teacher in England ranges from £22,244 to £32,831 per year. This is an average estimate, the amount of salary may vary with the ranking of institute and nature of the work.

A special education teacher is a very respectable person in society because he/she serves the humanity and use all his/her power to relief humanity for pain. So if anyone is thinking about to select special education as a profession, he/she is thinking on a right way. People can earn both income and peace of mind by joining this profession.

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