All India Institute of Medical Sciences ( AIIMS ) New Delhi Review

All India Institute of Medical Sciences Review

All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi (AIIMS New Delhi) is a prestigious medical institute of India which stands third in Indian Universities Ranking. It was established in 1956 to promote the medical studied in India. The aim of AIIMS is to provide highly qualified doctors and experts of medical sciences. Different institutions are also working under AIIMS for the development of medical sciences. Education at AIIMS meets the high standards of international education facilities. It also provides standard medical facilities to people under the care of professionals.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Departments/ Divisions

About 48 divisions and departments regarding medical sciences are working in AIIMS including Biomedical engineering, Endocrynology, metabolism and Diabetes, Heamatology, laboratory medicine, Biotechnology, Biophysics, Forensics and toxicology and many more. All of these Departments are working very efficiently to educate students and to provide high standard medical facilities. This institute has played a very important role in medical research and has achieved many distinctions. You can check the list of departments and subjects here:

Degree Programs

AIIMS offers degree programs in different subjects. Most important degree program of AIIMS is MBBS, others include BS(Hons) in Nursing and medical technology, and bachelor of Optometry. Post Graduate programs include MD/MS/MCh (6 years) / DM (6 year), MD hospital administration. PhD and super specialization programs are also offered by the institute.

Research Facilities

Research facilities at AIIMS are of high quality and meet the standards of international requirements. Doctors and experienced medical staff are trying to develop new medicines and techniques for the cure of diseases. AIIMS contributes in many research areas and has published new researches in international journals. You can check the Publications of AIIMS here:

Facilities for Students

Students are warmly welcomed and facilitated at AIIMS. Students are facilitated in many ways to promote their studies. There is a big and well established library for students and faculty. They can take any material for their studies from library. Students have also a facility of attending related conferences and training programs to get extra skills and knowledge.


AIIMS has well equipped laboratories with all modern facilities of testing and care. Facilities of Hematological, biochemical and HIV investigations are available at the center. Patients are provided with safe treatments and students are educated by the provision of high quality education and research.

Why to Join AIIMS

If you are planning to get admission in some medical institute then AIIMS can be the best choice for you. All admissions are made on the basis of merit so there is no chance of low quality education. The environment of AIIMS is completely an educational environment which provides a big chance of learning  things practically and theoretically.

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