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Institute of Chemical Technology : ICT Mumbai is a well known institute for chemical studies. It was founded in 1933 as the University department of chemical technology (UDCT) of the University of Mumbai. The purpose of this department was to educate people in the field of chemistry and pharmacy. It was changed and promoted as the deemed university in 2008. The unique point of this institute is that it is the only state funded deemed university. ICT Mumbai is now working very efficiently in the field of chemistry, chemical studies and pharmaceuticals.

IIT mumbai


There are now seven departments working in ICT Mumbai: Department of technology of fibers and textile processing, department of Technology of dyes and intermediates, department of technology of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals, department of food engineering and technology, department of paints technology, department of polymer technology, and department of technology of oils and surfactants. As showing from their names, all of these departments are working in different subjects of chemistry, and pharmacy. The purpose of these studies is to promote and introduce the uses of different chemicals and techniques in chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Academic programs/degrees

ICT Mumbai offers degrees at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. There are three degree programs offered at undergraduate level;, Bachelor of chemical engineering, and bachelor of pharmacy. At master level, there are several courses offered by the university, which are specific to the fields of chemical engineering and pharmacy. The most valuable degree in textile engineering or master degree in textile is the degree from ICT Mumbai.

Research at ICT Mumbai

ICT Mumbai is doing very well in different fields by performing researches conducted by highly qualified researchers and scientists. The first institute of India who awarded PhD degree in chemical engineering was “ICT Mumbai”. This is the big distinction from ICT. After that, it was considered as the prestigious institute for research. It not only performs research on chemicals, but it is also doing research in other fields of technology like biotechnology, Nanotechnology, process system engineering etc. ICT Mumbai has collaborations with different international institutes and universities and it also performs it different research activities joining hands with other institutes. Another distinction of ICT Mumbai is that it produces 10% PhDs of India’s engineering field of study.


ICT has a very well established library and digital library which attracts many readers. It has a collection of 38,200 books and thousands of online journals. Students and researchers can be equally benefited from this library facility.

Why ICT Mumbai

Institute of Chemical Technology Mumbai is one of the most important cities of India, and ICT has made Mumbai more important. Because ICT is the major institute for research in chemical industry, therefore its importance is higher. If any student is interested to do research in the field of chemistry, chemicals and pharmacy, ICT is the best institute.

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