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Kepard VPN Service : Best VPN Service

How do you think – what is the most useful achievement in our world? I am sure – your answer is – the Internet. Access to a huge volume of information and different means of communication, make the Internet truly indispensable companion of modern man. But availability of information gives a great risk that your data can be stolen and used against you. Security is what stands in the foreground when you use the Internet.


Definitely, the perfect way for guarding your information and privacy is to use the VPN service.

Why do you need VPN service?

  • To protect your data. It might be a personal or financial information.
  • To become anonymous
  • To take the advantage of the sites that has some restrictions in usage or are entirely banned in your location

When we choose a VPN we always pay attention to affordable price and good quality. Kepard VPN it is an ideal balance of high quality service at a low cost.

Advantages of Kepard VPN:

  1. Information about your connection is not preserved, this makes impossible to trace the history of the Internet sites you are visiting. It doesn’t matter which sites you attended or what data you have downloaded. Without VPN logs, nobody can prove that you visited a given resource and your browsing activity remain anonymous.
  2. A large number of servers in eight different locations – UK (3 servers), USA (3 servers), Netherlands (3 servers), Canada (2 servers), Germany (2 servers), France (1 server), Switzerland (1 server) and Sweden (1 server).
  3. Kepard VPN supports PPTP, L2TP/IPSEC, and o OpenVPN protocols in UDP or TCP mode this give you the great flexibility. Depending on your needs you can prefer one protocol or another, speed is what matters to you then use PPTP, you are the security guy and like to have maximum protection use OpenVPN or L2TP/IPSEC.
  4. Each of you can find a suitable package at an affordable price. The price of each package:
  • 1 month – 7 $;
  • 3 months – 17$ (5.6$ per month)
  • 12 months – 35$ (only 2.9$ per month)

Be careful when selecting and paying for the package, no refunds are provided.

  1. If you want to try Kepard VPN you can do it, one day of trial is provided at no cost. It is enough to understand if Kepard fits your needs.
  2. You can get up to 180 days for free by inviting other people to use Kepard, just invite a person, ask him to register using your code and you will get 30 days of referred VPN and your friend will get 15 days of it, you can invite max 6 people
  3. Easy to use web site and VPN setup instructions will make the Kepard configuration simple even for beginners
  4. Customers which have any questions can find a fast answer in the FAQ available on web site. If you could not find an answer to your question, the technical support team is always ready to answer your query.
  5. The following payment options are available for Kepard: Master/Vista Cards and PayPal

As you can see, Kepard VPN service is the best solution to protect your data on the network.

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